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Made in Canada

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What are Dad's Wiper Covers?

- A product that will protect your automobiles wiper blades from the winter elements;

- Protects wiper blades from freezing to the windshield in extreme winter weather conditions;

- Assists in keeping the wiper blades flexible and soft for a cleaner windshield;

- Increases the life expectancy of your wiper blades;

- Helps keep your windshield clear for a safer drive;

- Saves you money!

- 1.5mm thick , UV protected, up to -40c resistant, and crack resistant;

- Strong, flexible, easy to install and store;

- Saves time on those cold winter days!

- Mildew Resistant;

- One year warranty against any defects and workmanship;

- One size fits all up to 28 inches;

- Field tested by Canadians for Canadians!

- Price is per pair.



"Dad's Wiper Covers work really well but especially after a freezing rain storm. The wiper blades didn't stick and there were no streaks because they stay so flexible and clean." - Rev. David A


"These things really work well. I would strongly recommend them to anyone!" - Robin R


"They are so easy to use and my wiper blades stay soft and flexible helping me keep my windshield clean and clear. What a great product. Worth every penny! - Christy M


"I found that they saved me time in the mornings because I didn't have to stop on the road to clean off the windshield again" - Matt S


"Any product that helps my family and I stay safe during icy road conditions is a must have. I found that Dad's Wiper Covers gave me that confidence as they really work!" - Janice B


"Dad's Wiper Covers actually saved me money because I didn't have to replace my wiper blades half way through the winter. The covers protected my wiper blades from being damaged when they ice up to my windshield" The wiper blades worked perfectly all winter long! Thank you to Dad's Wiper Covers!" - Craig M


"I haven't even tried them yet because I bought mine before the winter has even gotten started. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to convince me that these things will work. What a great idea!" - Ron T


"In my profession it was very important that my wiper blades function properly every day. Dad's Wiper Covers met that expectation. Excellent product!" - Chuck D. Retired Police Officer



Note from Dad: "Interesting fact: 80% of our sales are based on purchases from women. So all you men out there!...want some brownie points with your wives/girlfriends etc. BUY them some Dad's Wiper Covers! :) "

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