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Well hello there! I’m The Gemini reversible leather look belt. Now, I know a lot of these other vegan belts say they’re versatile, but trust me, I’m the most versatile, most vegan belt there is! I’m the Gemini, and I’m called that because I’m two belts in one!


Does your outfit call for a nice black non leather belt? No problem, I’m a black non leather belt! Or maybe you’re looking for a brown belt. Easy! I’m brown on the other side! Just flip my strap around, and I can match whatever you’re wearing!


And speaking of my belt buckle, check out that awesome satin silver finish! And, the coolest part about me is that I’m filled with recycled car tires! Believe it or not, it’s true! Who’d have thought old car tires could look so good? So not only am I animal friendly & Canadian made, I am also environmentally friendly!


I am the best belt… EVER! No matter what you’re wearing, I’d go great with it.Be sure to check out the sizing chart so that you get the correct size.

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