Stick Pearl Necklace by Abigail Connell

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Single 30” black rubber strand with natural white freshwater stick pearls


For simplicity and elegance, nothing matches a pearl necklace - the official birthstone of June


Most people think of pearls as small, spherical objects – not Abigail Connell. She has acquired rare high quality, freshwater “stick” pearls to create a startling necklace.


Stick pearls are made by inserting tiny pieces of mantel tissue in the mollusk which then coats them with “nacre”, the exact same component as in traditional round pearls. This can take up to 7 years!


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Artist - Abigail Connell


Since training as a classical goldsmith in New York City in the 1970s, award-winning jeweller Abigail Connell has worked with materials that run the gamut from high-karat gold, silver, pearls and precious gems to resin, polymer, concrete, rubber and urushi (Japanese lacquer).


She has taught in New York City, California and Ontario, and her work has been shown in galleries across Canada and the U.S.

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