Honey Bunny Amazing Dads BBQ Sauce

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For the more adventurous BBQ connoisseur, Amazing Dad’s produces a tantalizing Honey Garlic BBQ sauce that is unlike anything else in the market. Sweetened with Honey Bunny™ Organic Honey. A  delicacy!


Try Amazing Dad’s™ Organic Honey Garlic BBQ Sauce in your stir-fry cooking, or as a dip for deep fried shrimp – an alternative to conventional seafood sauce!  Amazing Dad’s™ Honey Garlic BBQ Sauce is exceptional on all types of meat and vegetables – grilled or baked.


Amazing Dad’s™ Organic BBQ sauces are gluten-free and available in convenient 500 mL (1lb. 5 oz.) squeeze pouches. Simply perfect around the barbeque!

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