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Custom big mountain boards.


These skis are built from the living fibre of these mountains.
B.C.’s Coast Mountains, Whistler, and Whistler’s North Shore: Pemberton.


The reality of that is, with over 10.5 meters(35ft.) of annual snowfall, 2500 meters (8000ft.) of vertical relief, and winter for fully half the year. The Coast mountains will, at some point experience the conditions prevalent wherever you ride.


On all our Custom Carbon models we work with you to customize the ski's flex to match the way you ride. Generally, bigger and more aggressive skiers like a stiffer flex an smaller lighter riders prefer a softer flex. But, terrain, snow, style and personal preference are all factors in the equation.


We also replace the upper layer of Triaxial Fibreglass found on the standard model with Carbon Fibre, Texallium and a very thin second layer of wood. This makes the skis approximately 200 grams lighter per pair (1/2 pound), without sacrificing any of that legendary Foon Skis dampness.


Available in:

The Tyfoon Custom Carbon

The Gretski Custom

The Redneck Superstar Custom Carbon


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