COLT 2 Raw Hockey Stick

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JUST RELEASED! The COLT 2 RAW features a custom-designed, compression molded, carbon composite stick with our patented Nanovate™ NiCo clad coating from the high hosel through to the position of the player’s lower hand. 


High performance stick that’s reliable in high intensity situations – for dangling, quick release, and shot accuracy.


The coating functions not only to protect the stick from damage but also offers the most load and release potential on the market! With our Intebond™ finish the blade retains an extremely lightweight composite blade feel and enhanced blade flex performance. FREE SHIPPING to Canada and Continental USA.



The COLT 2 Raw line features a reinforced shaft with Nanovate™ NiCo technology strategically applied from the high hosel up 24″. It is very lightweight and gives the traditional composite blade feel while providing exceptional shaft protection so that it holds up in high intensity game situations.


Custom-engineered, composite stick features a manipulated carbon fibre orientation and reinforced composite walls in the top 36” of the shaft. Application of Nanovate™ NiCo provides 50% more strength than a comparable composite stick after impact. Recommended use: Ice, roller and ball hockey (blade wear similar to standard composites).


Blade (Curve Chart):
Extremely lightweight and durable, three-chamber foam blade construction allows for equal energy dispersion when puck handling and receiving passes.


Bottom 24” of the shaft maintains consistent flex profile when coated with Nanovate™ NiCo.
Depending on how you hold the stick, kick points vary along the shaft – allowing for heavy slap shots as well as quick release shots.

Strategically manipulated composite construction serves to optimize the flex and response rate. The stiffness distribution of the COLT 2 generates a transferrable flex profile that caters to all different shots.

By leaving the blade uncoated we have maintained the feel of composite blades and added more whip for quick snap-shots.


460 grams


Available in Satin Finish and Grip Finish.


Be among the first to try the COLT 2 RAW! Ships within 1 week.

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