Blue Wonder Wipe n Go Pocket Pet Towel

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There is nothing more frustrating than wiping down your pet with a towel, which gets bunched up and finding yourself wiping you hand over a wet dirty dog. Has this ever happened to you? So, we finally created a dog towel that we found works for us. And, we're sure it will work for you as well.


This towel was was specifically designed to make it easier to wipe down your pets. It works great in the house or in the car. The deep end pockets also make it easier to hold if you have some arthritis in your hands.


Use Dry or Damp - Use dry to wipe down wet pets and dirty feet.  Use the towel damp to sponge bath your pet.


End Pockets - Designed to make it easier to hold the towel for cleaning and wiping faster.


Soft Microfiber Fabric - The soft fabric readily absorbs water and is easy to wring out as you go.


Nap on Fabric - The nap helps to loosen and pick up dirt.


Reusable - May be laundered with lint free items.  Hang to dry.


Size:  9" x 26"

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