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Rhino Modular systems was created by three manufacturing industry professionals with a combined experience of over a hundred years in plastics and manufacturing. They saw a need for a storage organization system that was compact enough to fit in a closet and robust enough to work in a shed or garage. By making the organization system modular, the customer could adapt it to their needs, growing the number of modules or changing them to suit the application.

The system is made affordable by not having to buy everything at once, but just buying what is needed to organize the items they have, and then purchasing modules as needed and adding them to the system. This way it will always look professional and not patchwork. Everything needed to mount each module is supplied, so there is nothing else to buy.

All components are made of engineering grade polymers selected for the application. The materials will not rust, scratch or dent, and do not have sharp edges like metal components. All components are tested with loads of many times the stated capacity.

Rhino is a work in progress, with new components being designed to make the system even more versatile, but always fitting seamlessly with the original for a professional look.

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