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Montreal, Quebec
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About us:

Mr. Max is a family run business that was founded in 1986.

At Mr. Max we strive to design and create a garment that is "Passionately made by us, Effortlessly worn by you"

Mr. Max and designer Evelyn Woods created a brand that has maintained the test of time, creating leading edge fashions that are timeless.

More recently new designer Claire Bastien has joined the design team giving a fresh new look to the Mr. Max brand. Her creativity, attention to detail and passion for the same timeless classics makes Miss Bastien an exciting new addition to the team.

A guarantee at Mr. Max is our phenominal fit that is comfortable and slimming.

To date, millions of women across North America and Europe have purchased and enjoyed Mr. Max clothing in petite, regular, and plus sizes.

"Stress Free Dressing". We strive to create and produce the best possible garment for you. So when you purchase a Mr. Max outfit, we are proud to say that you are purchasing an easy to care for easy to wear premium brand  product.

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