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Woodbridge, Ontario
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75 people
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Food and Drink

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Founded by Leslie and Glenor Josephs in 1977, Kisko Products is the largest manufacturer of freeze pops in Canada. Operating in a 115,000 square foot state of the art facility, it is a proud family run business whose focus for over 30 years, has always been to produce the best quality freeze pops in the market. It has an ongoing commitment to product quality and providing 100% customer satisfaction as it relates to their products as well as customer service. Being able to offer families a fun, delicious and affordable treat without compromising quality and taste is of prime importance to the company but more important, to the family members.

Kisko Products takes pride in knowing that children are the number one consumers of their products and tries to address the growing health concerns as it pertains to their development. The company has also been and continues to be a leader in product innovation. Growing its product line to incorporate new and unique items has allowed Kisko to offer a variety of recognizable brands and pack formats.

The employees at Kisko Products are second to none. They are a close knit, dedicated group of workers that pull together with hard work and perseverance as they strive to maintain the high standards of the company. Their respect and loyalty are shown to the family members and the overall organization through the dedicated years of service that they provide, many of them being employed for 10 years or more. There is a true sense of "FAMILY" among all. Although we employ 50 people year-round, that number grows to 200 seasonal workers from January to June, due to the seasonality of our products.

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