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A renowned Montreal fashion designer Kim Mendelson knew from an early age that she had a flair for fashion. She attended LaSalle College which is a well-known fashion design school in Montreal, Quebec. After graduation in 1982 Kim worked in the fashion industry for six years before she founded Kim & Co. in 1988.

In the beginning Kim had a thriving boutique business before she began airing her line of clothing on Shopping Channels worldwide. Developing three new collections every month, one for each of the networks. She began with the Shopping Channel in Toronto, Ontario in 1995. Two years later in 1997 she went to QVC/UK in London, England and then QVC/Germany in Dusseldorf, Germany in August 2001.

Kim & Co. has evolved into an internationally recognized brand where “women designing for women” is the driving force behind the company. All garments are made in Quebec.

Understanding that the modern woman needs a dynamic wardrobe in keeping with her lifestyle, Kim includes non-seasonal pieces that carry you throughout the year and that you’ll find yourself wearing time and time again. Travel-friendly (no creases) durable and easy to care for, the Kim & Co. garment offers you all that you will need to build your own personal and distinctive style.
Her love for what she does and her excitement when she receives phone calls, letters, and e-mails from her devoted followers is what makes everything worthwhile. It is “You” the customer who has let Kim know that she has accomplished what she set out to do and that is to make you a “special woman” among women.

Where do her ideas come from? Some are from her international travels, flavors from different countries, home décor, going to the movies, theatre, checking shoes, boots, and handbag trends to insure easy coordination. Kim also visits fabric trade shows around the world. All of which have helped to inspire her and her team in developing the stunning and flattering pieces you see today.

Kim’s love for fashion has made each and every one of us feel good about ourselves as women. Her goal has been that every woman should own a designer brand garment at an affordable price and be comfortable as well as looking our best, whether it be casual or dressy. Over the years Kim has shown us how to accessorize, making it our own special personalized creation.
Kim feels in her professional and personal life that a meaningful motto to live by has been and still is

“Let the beauty of you shine through…”

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