Honey Candles Ltd

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Kaslo, British Columbia
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11 people
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Manufacturer, Online Retailer
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Home Decor and Accessories

About us:

Honey Candles Ltd is a small business owned by Roy and Leah Honkanen. Their story has evolved with their business.

As a business matures and grows so do the owners, individually and as a team. They live in a rural community where most people garden, compost, enjoy the outdoors and respect each other and their environment. They help their neighbors and their neighbors help them. Roy and Leah have been married for over 30 years. They work together every day and still enjoy each other's friendship as they ski, camp and hike together and spend precious time with their daughters and their families. They are a team.

However a team is bigger than the two of them. Their amazing staff has worked for Honey Candles almost as long as they have. They have similar values and ethics, both personally and professionally that bond them together.

Over the years each person has learned more about bees, beeswax and beeswax candles and they have learned more about sustainable business practices, customer service, marketing, computers and quality production. They have all developed skills and interpersonal relationships with each other, customers and suppliers. Their business associates have become their friends along the way.

Roy and Leah have worked through personal life-changing challenges and come out stronger. Some business experiences can also be perplexing but they have found that by supporting each other and by receiving the support of their amazing staff and their loyal customers they are inspired to offer the best products and service they can.

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