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Leduc County, Alberta
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This is me. I'm loud, I rock it, I drive a '71 El Camino named Harriet, my daughters are both my spitting image and I'm a proud farm wife. I love rose gold, muscle cars, my nose ring, my favorite bird is an owl, I have a bikini obsession and anything by Fossil is my jam.   
I love icing.  Sometimes I even like it with cake but only if my BFF's are around to share it with me. My girlfriends light my fire, make my world go round and most of all, keep me sane. "Friends stab each other in the back but BEST FRIENDS poke each other with straws" - no idea whose quote that is but it sums up our relationships completely. 
I live for my family - my husband, my daughters, my parents. My parents have no choice but to support me and they're amazing at it. I take as many little hugs as I can get from my daughters because I've been told in a few years they won't think I'm cool anymore. My husband thinks I'm crazy but he'll never part with half so we're stuck together for life...and we make an amazing team.   
And now I start out on my next venture - farm wife style - to share my swagger with the world. I hope you enjoy.  
Reach out if your mood compels you, i don't bite hard and the first phone call is always free. Best, Kim. 


-The Farmer's Wife

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