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Toronto, Ontario
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15 people
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Online Retailer, Brick-and-Mortar Retailer
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Apparel, Shoes and or Fashion Accessories, Sports and Fitness

About us:

FLOW-active believes in a healthy, active lifestyle and offers products that will help you find your FLOW.  Part of our mandate is social responsibility and that is why offer Made in Canada brands of clothing such as Tonic, Karma, Dedicated, Respecterre, Green Cricket, modrobes and whatever else we love that'll make you look great while you move!  More brands are coming soon, so stay tuned...

Ethics first: NO SWEATSHOP labour - made by Canadians making fair wages in a safe working conditions.

Eco- and ethically-friendly yoga props & fitness accessories from the best names in the industry: Lifefactory, HydroFlask, LibreTea, BOA Hair Clips, Kaia Naturals, Green Cricket, MyPakage, modrobes, Bondiband, Dusky Leaf, Jade, Halfmoon, and more!

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