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Vancouver, British Columbia
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205 people
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Food and Drink

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When CEO Maheb Nathoo discovered his daughter was lactose intolerant, he was not satisfied with finding a short-term solution. He set out to transform an industry. Combining his passion for health, his intimate knowledge of the dairy industry, and his keen business mind, he did just that.

Instead of launching another soy beverage, Soyaworld gave birth to a new category by awakening the mainstream Canadian consumer to the benefits of soy and turning the public perception of soy beverage on its head. In 1998, the company made So Good soy beverage a mainstream product, available in grocery stores Canada wide, right next to milk.

In the ensuing years, Soyaworld grew to include additional brands: So Nice, ryza, Almond Fresh, and YÜ. In 2011, to better reflect the growing line-up of healthy products, and to better communicate our commitment to health, nutrition, sustainability and community, Soyaworld changed its name to Earth's Own Food Company Inc.

Today Earth's Own Food Company is the #1 non-dairy beverage company in Canada. Our recipe for success is fostering wellbeing in everything we do and making healthy products that are good for consumers, their families, the community and the planet. Earth's Own Food Company has 205 employees who are passionate and committed to the company's vision and continued growth.

Earth's Own Food Company's vision is to be a pioneering healthy food & beverage company, one that takes an ethical approach to championing nutritional innovation & high quality products and services in order to actively improve people's lives and well-being.

Earth's Own Food Company (formerly Soyaworld Inc.) Innovations:

  • First company in Canada to fortify soy beverages with vitamins and minerals
  • First company to launch fat-free soy beverages
  • First company to introduce a product with omega-3 fats to the dairy shelf
  • First company to launch soy beverages with extended shelf life jugs
  • First company to launch Whole Grain Brown Rice beverages, certified by the Whole Grains Council
  • First company in Canada to launch fresh Almond Beverages in the dairy case

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