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It was not long after our launch that other stores from outlying areas were inquiring about where these Country Home Candles were coming from - our wholesale business was started. We focused on selling to small family owned retail stores both in the city but more commonly in small towns all across Canada. Since we had already some success as retailers with our own stores we knew some of the attributes that made a good supplier and we wanted to reflect that in our business. The main thing that came out of this was that not only did retailers expect great products and service, they wanted and needed exclusivity to make them stand out in their town or area of the city with unique products. We decided to build our business around this concept, protect our retailers and guaranteeing them that our products would never, never be sold in the big mass market stores that were helping to dismantle small town main streets across our country.

Now after more than twenty years, three beautiful talented daughters, four dogs and three cats we do live in the country on a small farm property and we still own and operate Country Home Candle. Our factory and distribution is located on five acres in the heart of rural Norfolk County where both of our family roots run deep. Coincidently, Peter's Grandfather and Mother both went to school in the one room school house that once graced the property where our factory and store now sit. 

A lot has changed in our industry since those early days when we first started out. Big box stores, cross-border shopping, imports and e-commerce have all changed the way we all shop today. The internet especially has changed everyone's lives one way or another. For us, to stay up to date and current in the business world we do sell on this website. However, we also use the website and all of the means of social media as a modern way of marketing our business and educating about our products. If you are on this website for information only, that is great. If you are not interested or comfortable shopping online simply call us and we can refer you to one of our great retail partners who is closest to you.

In the future we look forward to developing many more new products, new fragrances and most importantly new friendships along the way. Whether it is the final consumer of our products or our retail partners, we want to do the very best in terms of product quality, customer service and value. All of our candle products are still handcrafted by our artisan candle makers that have been with us for years, no big automated machinery in our factory. 

Many of our customers have been with us for over twenty years and needless to say have become dear friends that we have a tremendous amount of gratitude for. We have a number of new and exciting projects happening in our business that I know you will like. I invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. (None of these were around 20 years ago, who would of thought!)

If you have any fragrance and product ideas, requests or comments please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I love talking and writing to people from all over, you know it does get quiet here in the country sometimes!

Thank you for everything, I truly am blessed and I look forward to sharing more of my Country Home dream.
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Love, Hugs and Kisses

Karen Northgraves

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