Yes, all those great products are Made in Canada! - November 2014 Edition

Brrr! Winter is just around the corner and we can feel it in the air all across Canada. The garden has been put to rest, the leaves have been picked up and the winter tires are installed. We’re ready! The colder months often find many of us spending more time indoors enjoying the comfort of our home. And what better way to do that than with these great products made with care in Canada for our enjoyment!

Nothing is more warming than a nice long bath. Imagine yourself in this gorgeous free-standing tub made by Valley Acrylic in British Columbia. Innovative design and quality manufacturing at affordable prices. Love!

No soaking session is complete without these beautiful Dead Sea Salts handmade in Ontario by Laver au Naturel. These little wonders contain all-natural ingredients including pure Dead Sea Salt, hydrating essential oils and natural botanicals. Awww!


And when you’re ready for bed, snuggle up in these super-comfy natural latex mattresses available online at Memory Foam Comfort in Quebec. Containing no harmful chemicals, they are considered to be the healthiest mattresses to sleep on today.


No sleep is complete without the right comforter. And I dare you to find a better one that this alpaca duvet made by Salem Alpacas in Ontario. They are light-weight, warm, breathable and hypo-allergenic. Plus, no animal was harmed in its production. Sweet dreams!


If you enjoy the warm flickering of candles, you will fall in love with these 100% all-natural beeswax candles made in British Columbia by Honey Candles. Did you know that Beeswax production supports crop pollination for a healthy food supply around the world? Awesome!


Make sure everyone’s fingers and toes are dry and warm all winter long with the ZefferDry boot tray made in Ontario by Fremaco Devices. Simply place the tray on top of a furnace vent, put your wet boots, skates and gloves on it and let the warm furnace air operate its magic. A must-have for every Canadian home!


For those who like a clean car even in the winter, check out this waterless car wash & wax made in Ontario by DryShine. It washes and waxes in one step, without the use of water, and won’t scratch your car’s surface. Simply spray on, wait a few seconds and wipe off with a microfibre cloth. Voila!

Talking about boots, here’s a great trick to help kids figure out which boot goes on what foot: simply apply colorful fabric stick-on patches to the inside of each boot. When the patches touch, the boots are in the right foot! Made in Ontario by Easy Peasy Patches, these patches are available in many sizes and designs and are perfect to mend, decorate and accessorize everything!

Happy cocooning!

The bathtub looks very appealing! What's your favourite product from the list above?

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