Yes, all those great products are Made in Canada - August 2014 Edition

There’s nothing better than a late-summer road trip to get the most out of our too-short Canadian summers. Whether you’re travelling alone, with your spouse or with the whole family, these great Canadian-made products are sure to come in handy. Plus, you’ll be discovering the quality, diversity and ingenuity of products created by Canadians right across this great country of ours!

Want a stylish, light and aerodynamic travel trailer that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go? Look no further than the Alto trailer made in Quebec by Safari Condo. With its retractable roof and aircraft-inspired design, it offers a lot of extra living space without the added drag on your gas consumption. Bonus!

Packing is quick and easy with this great duffle bag made in Nova Scotia by the Windbag Company of NS. Each bag is unique as it has been hand-crafted from a discarded wind sail lovingly repurposed in a variety of styles and sizes. Each bag/item has a tag to tell the story of the boat in which the sails have come from. Amazing!

Long car trips are often an opportunity to catch a few zzz, unless you’re driving of course! Keep kids (and back-seat drivers) snoozing comfortably with these goose down travel pillows made in Nova Scotia by Nova Scotian Down Products. Includes the Euroback pad, the Auto back pad and the contoured Neck rest. Ahhh!

When travelling with your pooch, you’ll appreciate this heavy-duty, quilted cotton flannel pet mat with impermeable vinyl backing and inner poly-rayon soaker pad. Made in Ontario by Dri-Line Products, they are great in crates and pens to prevent chafing and calluses. They will also protect your vehicles from pet hair, dirt, and claw marks. A must!

Make sure you always have great-tasting water on your travels with this clever portable water filter system made by Botl Inc., and available at Grassroots Environmental Store. It works with activated carbon filter bags which are biodegradable and compostable. No need to pre-soak; just drop it into a re-usable bottle, shake it and drink it. Enjoy!

Because there is never enough space in your bags for everything you want to pack, pick-up this ingenious 2-in-1 shampoo bar that also doubles as a body soap. Made in Newfoundland by Beautiful Rock, it contains Sea Buckthorn Berries known for their 190 bioactive nutrients and a large number of vitamins including high levels of vitamins C and E. Perfect!

Summer is not always kind to our skin, so you’ll appreciate the Rough Skin Balm with Hemp Seed Oil made in Ontario by Penny Lane Organics. Hemp seed oil contains the ideal ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 and is rich in Vitamin D. Packaged in a sturdy metal container, it’s perfect to toss in your handbag on your way out to hit the open road. Want!

Wherever the road takes you this month, happy travels!

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