The Red, White and Green Contest!

It's time for a giveaway! Thanks to a great bunch of Canadian manufacturers, we have over $530 worth of eco-friendly products made in Canada to give away to a lucky winner! The contest runs until July 17th 2015. The link to enter the contest is at the end of this post.

One, Two, Three...Go!

Healthy Skin Pamper Kit by Nature's Natural Solutions

This set is from their Sensitive Collection and can be used by almost anyone. Free from Fragrance, Nuts, Gluten, Oats, Eggs, Sesame, Aloe Vera and many more common allergens. This kit includes some of their best selling products rich in natural skin nourishing ingredients. Excellent for distressed skin conditions as well as safe for babies! Healthy Skin Care products equals Healthy Happy Skin!  (Value: $56.00)

$50 of So Nice Organic Beverages

Made in Canada with organic almonds from Spain, So Nice Organic Almond beverages are healthy and delicious. So Nice Organic Soy beverages are made with Canadian organic, non GMO soybeans. These beverages offer an excellent source of Calcium, Vitamin D and protein. (Value: $50.00)

Deep Immune® by St-Francis Herb Farm

Used primarily as an antiviral to tonify a weak immune system, Deep Immune® reinforces the basic functions of the body and helps maintain physiological and psychological equilibrium. Includes: Deep Immune® (50ml), Deep Immune® for kids (50 ml), Deep Immune® Caps (90 caps), and Deep Immune® for allergies (50ml). (Value: $95.26)

Bliss Balls by New World Foods

New World Bliss Balls are a wonderful treat, no matter what time of day. Enjoy as a great snack or an after-dinner healthy dessert. They are an easy way to add healthy fats, carbs and protein to your diet with an energy punch! Vegan and gluten free. Prize: 12 x 50 g Bliss Balls (value: $ 30.00)

Facial care products by Pure Daily Essentials

Our face is exposed to nature's elements daily, so naturally, it requires a little more care. Give your face the daily skin care routine it deserves with these natural facial skincare products. Includes: Make-Up Remover, Facial Cleansing Bar and Age Defense Facial Cream. (Value: $55.00)

$100 Gift Card from Miik Sustainable Fashion

Stylish yet classic. Tailored yet comfortable. Versatile designs for women who don’t want to sacrifice comfort to look great. Miik mills, dyes, designs and manufactures in the Toronto area using sustainable fabrics. (Value: $100)

Hands-Free Waist Leash by Ginger Dog

Cell phone, coffee and walking the dog? Easy peasy with our hands free waist leash! Simply snap the belt around your waist, adjust the length for fido and get moving! For added convenience, leash portion is easily removable in sticky situations (to detach the dog from you). Ethically made by pet lovers. (Value: $59.99)

Natural bath & body products by Apple Island Naturals

Natural, cruelty-free, vegan and vegetarian skincare and body products. Includes: Honey oatmeal soap bar, Tropical tangerine bee balm, Purple haze lavender tub puck, Zen lemongrass and sage deodorant, and a pot of skin souffle facial moisturizing cream. (Value: $40.00)

$50.00 discount on an alpaca duvet from Salem Alpaca

Alpaca Fleece Duvets are the most environmentally-friendly bedding product you can buy. Light-weight, warm, breathable and considered non-allergenic Salem Alpacas Duvets keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Made in Ontario using fibre from locally-raised alpacas. Available in sizes from crib to king. (Discount value: $50.00)

Total giveaway value: over $ 530.00 !!!

To enter the giveaway, do as many of the 3 following things as possible, as they each count for one entry. The more the merrier (and luckier)!

1) Leave us a comment below telling us why it's important for you to buy eco-friendly products (Comments are moderated, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away);

2) Follow us on Twitter and mention the following: I entered to win over $500 of eco-friendly products #MadeinCanada at @BuyCndianFirst and you should too!

3) Register to receive our monthly newsletter with exclusive offers and promotions of Canadian-made products.

The giveaway ends on Friday, July 17th at 5:00 PM ET. We will pick one name at random from all entries and the winner will be announced on Monday, July 20th.

Good luck!


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27-May-2015, By: Shelly
I always shop eco-friendly - because we only have one planet! And made in canada is very important to me!
28-May-2015, By: Brook
I am very conscious of what I put on and in my body because it all affects the world around me.
28-May-2015, By: Fran Schwitek
I want my grandson to grow up in a safe and green environment so I do my utmost to not damage our planet.
29-May-2015, By: Aurora F.
I buy eco-friendly because I don't want or need exta chemicals in my home. I also don't want to flush or rinse chemicals out into the environment. This planet is finite and how we treat it determines how long it can support life. We can all do our part and buying eco-friendly is step one.
29-May-2015, By: Nicole Chouinard
I love to shop eco-friendly to help saving the planet.
29-May-2015, By: Susan
I always use eco-friendly products mainly to protect the environment, but also because of my allergies.
29-May-2015, By: Ernie Da vis
It's important to me not to add extra toxins to the environment.
30-May-2015, By: Gord
It is important for me to buy eco-friendly products because there is too much pollution in the world now and more needs to be done to reduce the amount of un-friendly products going into the environment.
30-May-2015, By: Candice
I want to buy eco-friendly products so I can moderate my health, and the health of people around me.
30-May-2015, By: Monique L.S.
I like to buy eco-friendly products to do my part to help the environment and because I feel they are better and safer for me to use.
31-May-2015, By: Julie F
I like to help protect the planet as much as I can
31-May-2015, By: Maria
I love buying eco friendly products to help with pollution, cut down on waste and perserve our planet
31-May-2015, By: Carole Dube
It's important to buy eco-friendly to us because it's good for us and the environment.
31-May-2015, By: Catherine Brown
It's very important to my family, we compost almost eveything, have 4 composters, 4 recycle bins and have little garbage, so we can leave this earth is a better state.
31-May-2015, By: Janet Meisner
I believe in the importance of protecting our environment by using eco-friendly products.
07-Jun-2015, By: Brenda Penton
It is important for me to buy eco-friendly products because I want myself and my family, including my pets to be free of toxins and be as healthy as possible.
07-Jun-2015, By: Caroline
It is important to help protect the environment and by setting a good example.
07-Jun-2015, By: Carole Dube
I try to buy eco-friendly as much as possible. It's important to protect our environment.
08-Jun-2015, By: Joan Brown
It is important for me to buy eco-friendly products to reduce the amount of pollution on this planet.
08-Jun-2015, By: joy
i like to buy eco-friendly products because it is an easy thing i can do to help protect our environment.
08-Jun-2015, By: rebthecatsitter
It's very important for me to buy eco friendly products as I am a lover of the earth and we must do what we can to protect it!
08-Jun-2015, By: Tina Grennan
It's important because we need to leave a healthy planet behind for our children, grandchildren, etc. Red, white and green, love it!
08-Jun-2015, By: Debbie Sherrer
It is very important so our grandchildren and great grandchildren can live and breathe in a healthy environment in years to come.
08-Jun-2015, By: Gail MxBeayne
We only have one planet, we must cherish and take care of it!
09-Jun-2015, By: maria
It's better for the planet!!!
13-Jun-2015, By: Jennifer P.
It is important for me to buy eco-friendly products because it is important to preserve our planet for future generations. Further, my kids have sensitive skin and we find that eco-friendly products are best for them. Health-wise, the more natural the products the better for us!
15-Jun-2015, By: Alexandrea F
I buy eco-friendly for my daughter and her future children, we need to think past the now! And going more natural has improved my whole families health.
25-Jun-2015, By: Shannon S.
It's important to be informed on what your buying. Eco-friendly means safe for you and your family and also safe for its producers/manufacturers.
02-Jul-2015, By: Mallory
Eco-friendly products are both better for my family and the planet!
08-Jul-2015, By: John C
It's important for me to buy eco-friendly products because we all need to do our part to help protect the environment.
08-Jul-2015, By: Mary Boudreau
I like to shop Eco-freindly because I think that everyone can make a difference. We just have to start doing it, even if it's small steps at first
08-Jul-2015, By: lynn clayton
08-Jul-2015, By: Robert Wise
I try to buy eco-friendly products as much as possible - it's good for the environment and my family.
08-Jul-2015, By: Donna L.
I try to be eco-friendly to preserve the environment and wildlife.
08-Jul-2015, By: Laurent L
This is a great contest and great products. Thanks
08-Jul-2015, By: AKnight
Because we are woefully overdue in creating an ecological social system of sustainability, but it will only be accomplished by all of us doing our part.
08-Jul-2015, By: Heather Swanson
We all have a responsibility to work together
08-Jul-2015, By: maria
I want stuff that will be good for the planet.
08-Jul-2015, By: Burcu
it's important for me to buy eco-friendly products because I think it's important to protect the environment and our health
08-Jul-2015, By: KC
It's important for me to buy eco-friendly products because we only have one world and it is our duty to take care of her.
08-Jul-2015, By: Josh S
It is important to buy eco-friendly because we need to take care of our world and ourselves.
08-Jul-2015, By: Lisa Morrison
I love supporting eco-friendly products which are good for me and good for the environment.
08-Jul-2015, By: Elizabeth Vlug
It is important to buy eco-friendly products because we only have one Earth and we need to take care of her for future generations.
08-Jul-2015, By: Thiruchcenduran Yogiraj
Leave only your foot print, and take only the memories. Live Eco friendly
08-Jul-2015, By: Debbie F
It's important because we need to leave a healthy planet behind for our children
08-Jul-2015, By: Michelle
I want to have as little impact as possible on the planet as a way to keep it healthy for humanity.
08-Jul-2015, By: rebthecatsitter
Eco friendly products are important to me because we only have 1 planet earth and we need to protect it!
08-Jul-2015, By: Tabby72
I really like to buy eco friendly products because it's good for the environment, my family's health, and my own health. I like to support businesses that develop and sell these products, too. What a great giveaway!
09-Jul-2015, By: andrea amy
Its important to try to prevent any more damage to the Earth, plus I want to use products that are better for myself, my children and my pets.
09-Jul-2015, By: Nicole B
I think it's important to reduce damage to the environment and for ourselves!
09-Jul-2015, By: Vesper Meikle
It is important to buy eco-friendly products as we only have one planet
09-Jul-2015, By: Janice Wong
Definitely important to try to save the environment. Every little bit helps!
09-Jul-2015, By: Eddie
It's important to buy eco friendly products because it's good for the environment, the wildlife and reduces global emission for the planet.
09-Jul-2015, By: Susan M
Eco-friendly products are so important to avoid introducing toxic substances into your home!
09-Jul-2015, By: tanyab79
Eco friendly products are important to me. It is a must to help/protect the environment and natural products also help me avoid scary chemicals.
09-Jul-2015, By: tanyab79
Followed via twitter my handle is @clerk79
09-Jul-2015, By: Bo Simms
It is important for me and my family to buy eco-friendly products, and clothing because I care about where I spend my money, and its impact on the earth, and all its inhabitants. Buying eco-friendly products helps to reduce pollution and contamination of our natural resources (air, water, and soil) . It helps to reduces waste. I don't want to put toxic chemicals into our bodies, breathe it or release it into the environment. I also want to help animals who depend on nature to live.
09-Jul-2015, By: Stephanie Poole
It's important for me to buy eco friendly products because I want my daughter to grow up in a clean world.
09-Jul-2015, By: Emily
I prefer eco-friendly products ever since I worked for an eco-friendly cleaning service - it makes all the difference!
09-Jul-2015, By: Amy Heffernan
I use eco-friendly products because of the AWESOME effect it has on the world we have to leave to our grandchildren! :) Thanks! Done all 3!! Email-->
09-Jul-2015, By: ellen chevarie
i buy eco-friendly products as they are good for the environment and that is a win win for my family and I and the world around us
09-Jul-2015, By: Bai
Eco friendly products help maintain the environment for future genereations
09-Jul-2015, By: Jennifer D
We are just visitors. The earth does not belong to us, it belongs to future generations.
09-Jul-2015, By: Donna
It's important to buy eco-friendly because it helps me reduce my carbon footprint
09-Jul-2015, By: Kim M
It's important to me to buy eco friendly products because we have one earth and it's our responsibility to protect it from harm.
09-Jul-2015, By: Caroline
It is important for our health and that of the planet. Tweeted and Registered.
09-Jul-2015, By: Florence C
Eco friendly products are important to me because I want to protect the environment, the animals and persons who live on our planet.
09-Jul-2015, By: QZ
It's important for me to buy eco-friendly products because I like to do just a little bit each day to make my tiny corner of the world feel better.
09-Jul-2015, By: QZ
I followed you on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway.\ Username: @qzesty
09-Jul-2015, By: Andrea D
I use eco-friendly products because they are better for me and the environment.
09-Jul-2015, By: Edith Rennes
It's time to use eco friendly products...we've caused sooo much damage the other way
09-Jul-2015, By: Sherry K
Eco-friendly products mean less impact on our land. They are safer for our bodies and planet.
09-Jul-2015, By: Patrick Siu
I want to be healthy
09-Jul-2015, By: Carolyn
It's important to buy eco-friendly or we won't have an eco to be friendly about.
09-Jul-2015, By: Margaret H
We all need to pay more attention to being more eco-friendly.....
09-Jul-2015, By: kay wolter
I am knew to buying this I was under the understanding that it is much more expensive but I am learning so much more as I shop the stores in West Michigan and the farmers markets
09-Jul-2015, By: Linda Walsh
I shop eco-friendly to save the planet for future generations.
10-Jul-2015, By: Harmony A.
As consumers, I believe we send a message to companies and the world about what we feel is important. When we buy eco friendly products, we are making a statement about what we value.
10-Jul-2015, By: Theresa C.
I always look for eco-friendly products for my family, because it's important to all of us!
10-Jul-2015, By: Lori Obrien
It is so important to buy eco-friendly products. We have but one earth and my children and future generations shouldn't be left to deal with our mistakes. We all need to reuse, recycle, repurpose. All of these companies deserve a big 'high 5' for doing their part, and we need to support them! Thanks for opening my eyes to the great array of eco-friendly products - I will be purchasing all of these in the future!
10-Jul-2015, By: Ray Homewood
We need to treat our planet with kindness--we share a space.
10-Jul-2015, By: Christine Holliday
hey - it's great for the environment and it's great for your body! also it gives one peace of mind knowing that they are doing their part.
10-Jul-2015, By: Joan
It is important to buy environmentally friendly products because when we take care of the environment our health improves overall.
10-Jul-2015, By: Monique Fullowka
Eco-friendly products are so great because they are securing our families histories with the environment- plus you know your buying natural- and that's a great feeling.
10-Jul-2015, By: yvonne
As a parent I realize just how badly the past generations have treated our planet. while we cannot reverse the damage we can try and minimize it by purchasing environmentally conscious products.
10-Jul-2015, By: SCOTT H
It helps me to sleep easier at night.
10-Jul-2015, By: Debbie Browne
I try to buy eco-friendly as much as possible to help sustain our planet.
10-Jul-2015, By: Terrina
It's not too late to save the planet!
10-Jul-2015, By: Lorna Webster
It's important to me to support eco friendly products, because I believe on person can make a huge difference, therefore a big company can make a huge difference and I want to support people who support our planet!
10-Jul-2015, By: AnnB
I buy eco-friendly products to be a good example for my children. I want them to preserve the world for their children too.
10-Jul-2015, By: Alison Braidwood
Buying eco friendly products is important because we're not the only ones living on this planet.
10-Jul-2015, By: Deanna Barkley
I believe it is important to do what we can to keep our planet healthy. I want to leave a healthy planet for my grandchildren.
10-Jul-2015, By: FREDERIC BROWN
Like to provide work for Canadians
10-Jul-2015, By: Leah
It's imporant to me because I love this beautiful planet.
10-Jul-2015, By: Andreia D.
It's important to protect the environment for us and future generations.
10-Jul-2015, By: hugh l
This information is enlightening
10-Jul-2015, By: Neil
I use eco friendly products because what is better for the environment is better for us as people.
10-Jul-2015, By: Paul Sousa
followed you on twitter as @sousasurveys tweeted it-
10-Jul-2015, By: Paul Sousa
registered for your site
11-Jul-2015, By: Edmond
OMG, because small step lead to bigger success.. Wow, prize product is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :) Pick me, pick me!
11-Jul-2015, By: Paula W
Eco friendly items give me 'piece of mind'
11-Jul-2015, By: crystal jewer
It is important to use eco-products for my personal health and the health of the environment. Our planet and bodies are saturated with cancer and disease causing chemicals and anything we can do to lower those levels in our own bodies and the environment improves health.
11-Jul-2015, By: Carole B
It's important because it's the minimum to do while we waste and pollute so much our earth.
11-Jul-2015, By: KELLY E
I shop Eco-friendly for the next generation
11-Jul-2015, By: Autumn R
It's better for the planet (& everyone on it!) to buy eco-friendly products :-)
11-Jul-2015, By: Serena D
Its important to by eco-friendly products because we live on a peninsula where we need to be conscious of our refuse - there is nowhere for it to go!
11-Jul-2015, By: Jeanette Jackson
It's important for me to buy eco-friendly products so I leave my grandchildren a better world to live in.
11-Jul-2015, By: roger simmons
My family and I always buy Eco Friendly products for use in our home that is pet friendly and children oriented. We also live in a city and a region that is big on reuse, reduce, recylcle everything.
12-Jul-2015, By: Kevin L
Buying eco-friendly is important because it protects the environment better for us and future generations, and because it's safer and less toxic to use.
12-Jul-2015, By: Becky w
Not only is it important to use eco friendly products for the conservation of our environment, but also for the creatures around us. They are much friendlier for our bodies and for the earth.
12-Jul-2015, By: Jasmine Mian
Using eco-friendly products is just another small way that I can help the environment. All the little changes add up to make a big difference for our planet!
12-Jul-2015, By: Nicole F
We are already experiencing the effacts of pollution in many ways. We have to make the right choices as consumers to reduce and reverse the damage.
12-Jul-2015, By: Valerie W
I'm 63 & was raised this way. Eco-friendly, local product is just part of me. Reduce, reuse, recycle has always been part of my life. It's encouraging to see more involvement in this crucial aspect of life.
13-Jul-2015, By: Susan adams
What could be better? Protecting both Canadian jobs, and the environment! Fabulous!
13-Jul-2015, By: Janice Cournoyer
So important to purchase eco-friendly products. We need to leave the smallest imprint so the planet can be enjoyed by the future generations. Buy Canadian!!!
13-Jul-2015, By: Cheryl
I shop eco-friendly because its important not only for our generation but for future generations as well!
14-Jul-2015, By: Chris MacDonald
It is important to me to buy Eco-friendly products to avoid chemicals and pollutants that harm ourselves and our planet
14-Jul-2015, By: joy
it is important to think of our health, our planet, and our future
14-Jul-2015, By: Suzanne G
It is important to me to buy eco-friendly products as we all need to do our part to help keep our air and planet clean for many generations to come.
14-Jul-2015, By: Andrea Griffiths
I love to shop Canadian because more and more manufacturing is moving overseas and I feel the more we buy homegrown the more we will see homegrown. I buy Eco friendly to live a cleaner life and prevent disease in my family!
14-Jul-2015, By: Any
Economical, ecological AND logical! Buy local first just makes sense all the way!
14-Jul-2015, By: Louisa
I purchase Canadian eco-friendly products because saving the environment for our children is important to me as is purchasing Canadian made items. I don't like purchasing items that are full of harmful chemicals that can have a lasting affect on my kids.
14-Jul-2015, By: Amie Gaudet
Buying eco-friendly products is important to me so that my children and their children will be able to continue to enjoy the greenspace that I have enjoyed all my life
14-Jul-2015, By: caroline
Buying local and Canadian helps support our communities
14-Jul-2015, By: Richard Corkum
14-Jul-2015, By: rose guido
Good for the local economy and keeps jobs in Canada.
14-Jul-2015, By: Cherie
It's important to me because I have 3 boys, I want to take care of the environment for them. And buying Canadian made helps Canadians and hopefully is better made!
14-Jul-2015, By: Toby
Because everyone's future depends on it!
14-Jul-2015, By: Sharron
Taking care of our planet is not an option. And buying locally produced products is the best place to start. I always choose Canadian made even though they may cost a little more. It's worth it to know what I am buying is made according to Canadian standards and that I am supporting a fellow Canadian as well. Oh Canada, we're proud to support and protect you.
14-Jul-2015, By: Julie F
I like to do as much as I can for the planet!
14-Jul-2015, By: Caroline A
When I buy echo friendly products, not only do I get real value for my money but my money has a voice! I show support for those who create the products and let them know that they CAN win against the big brand name polluters and that we all CAN make a difference for our planet.
14-Jul-2015, By: CeeCee
We buy Canadian first because we feel it's important to support Canadian businesses. We also like to shop is close to home as possible to reduce our footprint. I love that you feature Canadian products!
14-Jul-2015, By: Caroline A
When I buy echo friendly products, not only do I get real value for my money but my money has a voice! I show support for those who create the products and let them know that they CAN win against the big brand name polluters and that we all CAN make a difference for our planet.
14-Jul-2015, By: Debbie Dyrland
Because we do so much to damage the planet, everything we can do to lessen that damage is crucial.
14-Jul-2015, By: Tammy Mitolo
I prefer to buy eco-friendly products because it's better for our planet and for my family.
14-Jul-2015, By: Judi
Trying to decrease my foot print all the ways I can
14-Jul-2015, By: Carrie Guenette
It's time for us to remove all the chemicals we have ingested, breathed and cleaned with over the decades, our lives and the earth is worth it. Thank you. Tweeted, shared and registered.
14-Jul-2015, By: GGodbout
As much as possible I buy echo friendly products to be echo friendly .Verry important for our planet !
14-Jul-2015, By: Jessica Lord
helps give back to the earth that is in such rough shape - every bit helps!
14-Jul-2015, By: Linda French
I buy eco friendly products as often as I can because we all need to do our bit to save the planet.
14-Jul-2015, By: Cyndi
It is our duty to be responsible consumers, this means buying local & eco-friendly products.
14-Jul-2015, By: louise gilbert
its important to help saving the planet from all the toxins
14-Jul-2015, By: ginette4
I understand the damage that chemicals do to the environment and I for one use the least amount as possible
14-Jul-2015, By: ginette4
I'm a subscriber anger_family @yahoo dot com
14-Jul-2015, By: Maya Wade
I want to make sure that the planet we live for our kids is a clean and healthy one. We have abused it long enough, it's time to start taking responsibility and buying/using ecofriendly products is a great way to do that.
14-Jul-2015, By: Krista Embertson
Try to be as eco as we can, and eco friendly products fit into our lifestyle.
14-Jul-2015, By: Sean Pynaert
I'm trying to save the Earth - I have a lot of kids who are going to inherit this after me and they better have an Earth to live on. Eco friendly products help this cause.
14-Jul-2015, By: Kimberly B
I try to be as Eco-concious as I can be. I think it's important to look our for our planet and our children and grandchildren' future. We have done a lot of damage to our beautiful planet over the years that we have been on this earth. It's about time we worked hard to try and fix the mistakes that have been made. I also think it's very important to shop Canadian when ever possible.
14-Jul-2015, By: Dennis Dubs
I think everyone, not just me, should do all they can to keep our world healthy. Canadian Made products make it a Win-Win Win as well.
14-Jul-2015, By: Shannon Bowden
I buy eco-friendly products wherever possible to help leave the world a better place for my children! I also want to set a good example for my kids! PS. I entered the contest with all three methods. Thanks for the chance to win!
14-Jul-2015, By: Lisa Gocool
I love to be eco friendly to help keep the planet healthy for my kids' futures.
14-Jul-2015, By: Shawna
It's important what we buy to keep our environment safe from harm
14-Jul-2015, By: tannis
Do we really need more chemicals in our system? I try and prefer to buy products made in Canada and also made or grown as naturally as possible.
14-Jul-2015, By: Anu Chopra
Eco-friendly products help protect the planet and that's important for future generations!
14-Jul-2015, By: Jean Duggan
I love reading about products that are made in Canada.
14-Jul-2015, By: Marsha Diane Arditti
I have always been environmentally friendly. I believe it will save our planet.
14-Jul-2015, By: Karla Sceviour
It`s important to buy eco-friendly products because we should all be doing anything we can to help our precious earth.
14-Jul-2015, By: masood anjum
Buying local helps support our communities and It is important to buy Eco-friendly products to avoid chemicals that harm ourselves and our planet
14-Jul-2015, By: Karla Sceviour
I get your newsletter
14-Jul-2015, By: Melissa
It's important for me to use eco friendly products in order to save and protect our environment, for ourselves and our posterity.
14-Jul-2015, By: Nicky
it's important to buy eco-friendly products for the health of our planet, as well as our own personal health (and that of our family)
14-Jul-2015, By: Rose Hately
Eco-friendly products are not only environmentally responsible, but socially and economically sustainable.
15-Jul-2015, By: Heather
Buying Canadian is important, but saving the earth by buying eco-friendly products is essential!
15-Jul-2015, By: Heidi Watts
i love eco friendly products to help make a difference in reducing our footprint on this planet.
15-Jul-2015, By: Laurie Friesen
eco friendly is a great way to go so we can give back to our planet instead of taking from it
15-Jul-2015, By: peggy b
to avoids as many chemicals as possible
15-Jul-2015, By: F COOK
It is important to buy environmentally friendly products because when we take care of the environment our health improves overall.
15-Jul-2015, By: valerie Caldicott
It is important to buy ECO because we need to save our earth and all in it . Pollution effects fish, animals & plants too.
15-Jul-2015, By: Morris Elfenbaum
If we do not start respecting our environment we will not like the consequences.
15-Jul-2015, By: debra lander
15-Jul-2015, By: Charlene Vidal
I like to buy eco friendly product because every little big helps the planet. Canada made is a bonus.
15-Jul-2015, By: France Foster
Canadian made products are so important to our economy! I work for a canadian garment manufacturer (bras and medical garments) and our customer base love that a great majority of our products are made im Canada. Buy Canadian!
15-Jul-2015, By: Silvana Cox
great list of products
15-Jul-2015, By: Sharon Janousek
Keep Canadians employed with sustainable eco friendly products.
15-Jul-2015, By: Lee-Ann
I try to do as little damage to the earth as possible. I think if you know better, you do better.
16-Jul-2015, By: Carla
to save the environment!!!
16-Jul-2015, By: Steph Bkn
I buy eco friendly products b/c I have 2 young children & 2 dogs in the home & try to not have harsh chemicals on the home. I want everyone to be healthy and limit thier exposure to chemicals as much as possible
16-Jul-2015, By: Sheila Reeves
For your health consider Canadian foods exclusively!
16-Jul-2015, By: Rhonda Hudson
I buy eco friendy products because there are so many chemicals in our products that are destroying our bodies and the environment. We need to be green for the future.
16-Jul-2015, By: Carol M
I buy eco friendly products to help protect the environment.
16-Jul-2015, By: Margaret Imecs
Buying Canadian and eco friendly product makes me feel good and proud that I can make a difference.
16-Jul-2015, By: Margaret Imecs
Tweeted and registered to receive the monthly email. Thanks for the chance!
16-Jul-2015, By: Debbie Petch
I try to buy eco friendly products whenever I could. I also check for minimal packaging. Buy Canadian!
16-Jul-2015, By: sharon boyle
I believe in protecting the environment as much as I possibly can by doing my own small share
16-Jul-2015, By: Cathy Kenny
I shop Eco friendly products for our next Generation and for us too! Thanks for this chance to win !
16-Jul-2015, By: Cathy Oppedisano
It's important that I buy eco-friendly products because I find they are better if not the best quality and their attention to high standards helps me stay healthier. Every fall, winter and spring is difficult to get through, especially living with penny pinchers that only look at the dollar signs so I am particularly looking forward to hopefully winning the alpaca fleece duvet when the heat is not on at all in the house or the house is inadequately heated when it is on.
16-Jul-2015, By: pat
better for the environment when I buy eco-friendly
17-Jul-2015, By: Francine
I like to know what's in the products I use. If I can't pronounce it, or know what it is, it can't be good for me.
17-Jul-2015, By: Betty Spry
It is important for everyone to buy eco friendly products, we all need to work to keeping this planet safe for future generations
17-Jul-2015, By: sylvia
it's important to buy eco friendly products because we have to start seriously taking care of this one and only earth we have
17-Jul-2015, By: Brian
eco-friendly products are important to help preserve our natural resources for our future generations
17-Jul-2015, By: BlessedTA
it protects the enviroment
17-Jul-2015, By: Ariel C
it's important for the environment and our health!
17-Jul-2015, By: Kris Coghlan
We all have to take responsibility for our use of the environment. One way to do this is to buy and use eco-friendly products.
17-Jul-2015, By: Cindy Martin
Buying eco-friendly products helps to look after our planet.
17-Jul-2015, By: linda
Eco-Friendly products are important for everyone to invest in for the planets future.
17-Jul-2015, By: Grace S.
Eco friendly is good for me in a healthy way and good for the environment too.
17-Jul-2015, By: Charlotte Kenney
Glad to see these products made here in Canada
17-Jul-2015, By: william fraser
love it!!!

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