The All-Canadian bedroom on Canada AM

Nice to be back on the set of Canada AM!

And this time, our segment is a little different… well actually, I should say it’s different in a very BIG way! You see, this time we set-up an entire room to talk about Made-in-Canada: the All-Canadian Bedroom! We wanted to demonstrate how you could create an entire room with furnishings made in Canada.

You can watch the segment here.

The centerpiece of every bedroom, of course, is the mattress. And the one we are featuring today is an amazing one, made in Quebec by Essentia. It’s the world’s ONLY natural memory foam mattress. All other memory foam mattresse out there are petroleum-based, which means they gives off loads of VOCs that you end up breathing all night long. Not this one. Made from the sap of the rubber tree, to which essential oils, plant extracts and water is added, Essentia mattresses are the ultimate in comfort & health. And yes, there’s even one for your pooch!

On such a healthy base, we just had to seek out the best organic cotton sheets we could find. And we found them at Dream Designs in Vancouver. They come is 16 beautiful colours and I’m so glad we had the turquoise ones to show today. How gorgeous are those!? Made in Canada for over 30 years, these sheets will make you forget all others. An investment worth making, for a good (and healthy) night’s sleep!

And to complete the natural & healthy theme, what better than an alpaca “duvet” handmade by Salem Alpacas in Ontario. Of course, it’s not a “duvet” in the traditional sense of the word, as no feathery friends were sacrificed for the use of their feathers. This one is made with alpaca fiber, a light, natural, renewable fiber sheared from the alpaca (similar to a lama) each Spring. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it is also naturally dust-mite resistant and hypo-allergenic. What’s not to love about that!

The stylish & contemporary bedside tables and bureau are part of the Fynn collection, made in Quebec by South Shore Furniture. A third-generation family business, South Shore specializes in bedroom sets (master, kids, nursery) and home entertainment units made of particle board and MDF and using recycled fibres. All their collections meet and even exceed the ultra-low North-American formaldehyde emission levels required by the California Air Resource Board (CARB). Their furniture can be purchased pre-assembled in stores, or ready-to-assemble and delivered to your door. It has it all: style, function and affordability! Check out their brand new website to see their entire collection and lot’s of great design tips!

And what about that gorgeous Othello upholstered chair made in Winnipeg by Palliser! Confortable, stylish and timeless. A beautiful houndstooth pattern in taupe, with solid dark wood legs. I love the fact that you can mix and match designs and coverings to create exactly the look you want. That’s something you can never do with imports!

And finally, last but definitely not least, how cool is that adult onesie from Strong & Free!? The ultimate sleepwear or loungewear, it’s made with care in Nova Scotia. And yes, it has a “bum-flap”! This is a Canadian premiere and marks the national launch of this awesome must-have. You can place an order here to reserve yours today!

So that’s the All-Canadian Bedroom! Pretty impressive, eh? Again, thanks so much to the entire Canada AM team and especially to Jenny who helped us set-up behind the scenes. You rock! See you again soon!

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Images courtesy of Buy Canadian First members above.

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