Stocking Stuffers Made in Canada

I love Christmas stockings! For adults or kids, they’re so much fun! And I love finding great inexpensize items made in Canada to fill them! Here’s a few suggestions:

1) For the meat lover, a selection of high-quality meats snacks made in Alberta (shown here $ 1.99):

2) For the proud Canadian, a Strong & Free pewter keychain made in New Brunswick ($ 9.99):

3) For the handy-dandy, a super resistant mini multi-bit screwdriver made in B.C. ($ 4.99):

4) Perfect for Christmas morning: the dairy-free and egg-free way to celebrate the holidays! Healthy replacement for eggnog, made in B.C.: ($ 2.99)

5) Natural beeswax candles made in B.C. A warm and luxurious addition to any table ($ 11.99):

6) To keep those lips nice and kissable with this all natural apres-ski lip balm made in Ontario ($ 4.69):

7) For a sweet smelling bath and super smooth skin, nothing beats these orange vanilla cream scented handmade soaps from Alberta ($ 5.25):

8) Make bath-time fun-time with this all-natural bubble bath made in Ontario ($ 8.99):

9) Professor Noggin’s fun and educational card games made in B.C. Choose from a variety of subjects, including Outer Space ($ 12.99):

10) A beautiful alphabet book from the Maritimes, It will become a classic in your family! ($ 7.95):

So here you go! Lots of great ideas that are sure to put a smile on that special someone’s face on Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on behalf of all of us here at Buy Canadian First!

Images courtesy of Buy Canadian First members

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11-Dec-2012, By: KaliPearson
I can't believe you don't have Carebags on your site. The totally quintessential canadian made eco gift.

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