Product Review – Penny Lane Organics: Canadian-made 100% natural deodorant

I must come clean about 2 things: first, I’m a prolific sweater, and second, I’ve never used deodorant in my life. I’m an antiperspirant kind of girl, and yes, I have to re-apply during the day. The only reason I’m not completely dehydrated is I drink 2 liters of water a day!

So I was curious (read apprehensive) when I found out I would be testing a deodorant. But not just any deodorant, a 100% natural one! This product is made in Ontario by Penny Lane Organics and comes in a variety of scents. I tried the Pink Grapefruit.

Natural deodorant made in Canada

On day 1, I tried to apply the deodorant, but the texture was so unusual I thought I might have forgotten to peel off a cover! But no, there was nothing there. It just wasn’t that smooth feeling I’m used to with a traditional antiperspirant. So off I went to Penny Lane Organics website to find out what I was doing wrong. And of course, it was operator error… I watched this video and learned that there is a “proper” way to apply this product because of its very special formulation. You see, it only contains 3 ingredients! Yup, just 3: coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch (the scented ones have essential oil added). So yes, this is a Vegan deodorant.

Moisten deodorant under the tap

So the key is to quickly pass the deodorant under the tap to moisten the surface before applying. Aaaahhhh, much better! Owner Bo Penny will tell you to pat it dry before using it, but I prefer to use it in its “wet” state, right out from under the tap. It goes on smoothly and the Pink Grapefruit scent is heavenly: fresh, tart and a little sweet. Love it!

Pink grapefruit

I’ve been using this natural deodorant for over a month now, and I can honestly say that it is not more or less efficient that my chemical-laden antiperspirant. On some days I have to re-apply, and on others I don’t. The same happens with the other product. (Note to Ms. Penny: a purse-size format would be great for those heavy-sweat days!)

But the more I read about the potential risks associated with commercial antiperspirants (and deodorants too, for that matter) the more I appreciate the simplicity and purity of this natural product. If all I’m giving up is chemicals, sign me up!

I’ve been alternating between Lady Speed Stick and Secret for years. But now I will be switching to Penny Lane Organics 100% natural deodorant. I’m looking forward to trying all the scents and to putting less chemicals on my skin. And who knows, I might just find natural alternatives to my other skincare products too. It’s never too late to be good to myself!

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