My Canadian Weight Loss Journey - Month 4

Wow, has it been 4 months already!? The calendar tells me that, yes, I’ve been on a diet for 4 months and feeling great. And the scale (and measuring tape) tells me I’ve been doing really well. So far, I’m down 10 lbs with 5 inches less around the waist. YAY! (P.S. with zero exercise…)
Yay! Weight loss success!
Here are the top 3 things I learned about myself and about nutrition in those 4 months (in no particular order):

1) Mindless eating & drinking is a killer: the first bite or sip of something is always the best. So I’ve learned to enjoy it to the fullest and reduce the amount of additional bites and sips that come after that first magical one!
5 ways to stop mindless eating
2) Having a plan is essential. Planning meals and snacks throughout the day keeps me and my appetite in check. Last-minute decisions made while hungry are always disastrous for me. I keep a food journal to record what I eat each day and how I feel (am I hungry? feeling weak?)
Food journal for weight loss
3) Establishing routine eating times helps: I eat 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks. I tend to stick to the same snacks, as I know they work. My breakfasts and lunches are also pretty much the same day in day out, but I do vary the dinners. And I’m not sick of it yet!
Weekly menus for weight loss
But the most important factor has been working with Tina at Thin Evolution. Together we created a personalized plan that integrates some of their Canadian-made snacks with my own home cooking. The gluten-free snacks are high-protein and low calories. They taste great, feel like a treat and keep me on task. Love that! Her support and guidance has helped me THINK about the food I eat in order to make healthier choices. We swap recipes and tips and connect once a week for my weigh-in.
fruit squares made in Canada for weight loss
Tina’s approach is one of long-term weight loss and maintenance, not just an overnight quick fix that will see you put all the weight back on (and some extra too!). If you’re looking to slim down a little for the warm season ahead, I encourage you to connect with her via Twitter or Facebook. Some of her snacks are available online at (or at Thin Evolution if you live in Montreal) and she can coach you by Skype if you wish!
I am now starting to transition into the “maintenance phase”, where I will integrate some kind of physical exercise (just walking for now) to my new eating habits. This will allow me re-introduce some foods into my diet which I have cut-out during the weight-loss phase (mainly starches and the occasional glass of wine…). We’ll see if I can keep losing a little weight each week, as I have been doing since the beginning. Stay tuned!
Are you planning to lose a few pounds in time for summer?
Image courtesy of LordsFavors, PacificSource, Isabelle Remy, Thin Evolution and LookAtMyHappyRainbow.
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