Celebrate #BuyCanadianDay 2016 Online!

Mark your calendars! Saturday, June 25th is Buy Canadian Day across the country!

We challenge Canadians to purchase at least one item made in Canada on that day. Imagine the ripple effects!

If you'd like to shop in-store, visit our handy map to locate retailers close to you who sell Canadian-made products. If you prefer to buy online, here's a list of online retailers. New ones are added daily!


Online retailers of Canadian-made products:

The Wolf Den: Indigenous arts & crafts, Moccasins, porcupine quill baskets, drums, headdresses, dream catchers, medicine wheels, mammoth ivory jewellery, pottery, fur hats and mitts, Iroquois masks, peace pipes, shakers, buffalo hide bags, etc.


Canook: Fashion apparel & accessories for men & women. Also jewelry, home décor & lifestyle.

Twiss & Weber: Women’s fashion house. Designers, makers & sellers.

The Avant-Garden Shop: home and garden décor, gardening accessories and backyard birding supplies.


Carbon Environmental Boutique: Offer only sustainable, ethical, non toxic and, whenever possible, local goods.

Chartreuse Style: Eco friendly fashion, accessories and beauty.

Companion Pet Products: natural pet food, treats and supplements using only human-grade Canadian natural ingredients.



Nature's Natural Solutions (NNS): bringing you the most healthy, natural and soothing goat milk skincare products possible.

Strong & Free Emblem: line of patriotic items to celebrate & show appreciation for the freedoms we Canadians enjoy every day.


Many more great online stores coming soon!

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