Canadian Fashion Friday with Samantha Stylish – Rimanchik

A purse is truly your best friend, it usually lasts several years and can be found by your side at all times! This week I fell in LOVE with the most beautiful Canadian-made purses and accessories from Montreal label, RIMANCHIK.

Founded in 2003 by a partnership between Sandra Singh and Victor Nolivos, this label today can be found at over 15 retailers right across the country. Sandra and Victor are self-taught designers with an experimental approach to design. They are heavily involved in every part of their business, ensuring the most unique and quality design for their customers. I find this is common with several Canadian fashion companies, as they really do put their entire heart and soul into their product. This focus and enthusiasm for the business transcends through their product and into your hands!

Each season the RIMANCHIK collection shows us the highest level of Canadian-made workmanship as they perfect their styles using the highest quality materials. The fuchsia Penelope bag is a work of art, with its unique cut-out detail and brilliant mixing of leather, felt and more!

The design and manufacturing is done in Montreal in-house at their studio where they devote their time to creating the best accessories incorporating edge, femininity, structure and color.

To read more on my review please visit Samantha Stylish for more information on RIMANCHIK.

Images courtesy of Samantha Stylish

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