Canada Day at the Cottage

Canada Day is upon us, which means the dog days of summer are finally here! After the harsh winter and wet spring we lived through, now it’s time to relax and take in the beautiful Canadian summer ahead of us. Whether you own or rent a cottage, or if you’re lucky enough to be invited to one this year, nothing says summer like Canada Day at the cottage. And nothing says Canadian quite as much as these great products, all made right here in Canada by our neighbors from coast-to-coast:

 1. Start your day off right with one of Crofter’s Organic spreads, made in Ontario from organically grown fruit. Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, they continue to innovate and to create awesome recipes using their unique products. There is something for everyone!

fruit spreads made in canada

2. Pack-up all your provisions for a great day with this canvas tote bag made in Quebec and available online at Eco-Handbags. It’s sturdy, washable, and can double as a beach bag. I also love the baguettes and wine bags. So chic!


3. Kids of all ages enjoy a classic baseball game, especially when they can pretend to be Barry Bonds swinging his favourite Sam Bat made in Ontario by The Original Maple Bat Corporation. Did you know that over 100 Major League players use these bats? Now that’s an endorsement!


baseball bats made in canada


4. And what better way to cool down after all that running around that with another Canadian classic: Mr. Freeze! Made in Ontario by Kisko, the line now includes Mr. Freeze Electroice Sport to replenish your sodium and potassium levels after exercise. And it tastes as great as ever!

mr. freeze electroice made in canada

5. Looking for a high-protein snack to bring along a day of hiking, fishing or off-roading? Look no further that McSweeney’s all-meat jerky. Gluten-free and naturally smoked using maple wood. Why maple? Because the company is “Canadian to the core”!

beef jerky made in canada

6. It’s great to be out enjoying the sun, as long as we’re well protected. I particularly like this 100% natural Protectsun cream, made in Nova Scotia by Nature’s Natural Solutions.  It’s an all-natural non-whitening zinc cream that is fragrance-free and safe for kids. A summer essential!

 7. Finally, keep the cottage tidy with this great mudroom organizer rack made in Ontario by Springwater Woodcraft. Large hooks for jackets or beach towels, handy key hooks to make it easier to move whichever car is in the way, and a handy mail slot to leave messages. A must-have!



Happy Canada Day! 

What are your Canadian essentials at the cottage?

Product images courtesy of Buy Canadian first members. Boat & lake image courtesy of @special_kvy

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