A Canadian DIY – make a large number or letter

If you’ve been keeping up with Canadian-made (and beyond) design trends in home decorating, you’ll have noticed by now that numbers are a huge hit. Who knew that numbers would be desireable things to hang up on a wall?
 But they are! The premise is that a number resembles a piece of vintage sign history. They also just look cool, and the good news is, if you make one yourself, you can have it say or look like anything you desire.

Want to make one of your own? Here’s an easy and affordable way you can whip one up in an afternoon!

1. Sketch or print out a number or letter in the font of your choice.

2. On a large piece of plywood, sketch your design. I used chalk.

3. Cut out the shape with a jigsaw, and sand the edges well.

4. Paint it up , hang it up and be proud!

Are you a numbers collector? Where do you like to display them?

Photos and design are courtesy of Donna at Funky Junk Interiors. Full tutorial can be found HERE.

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