A Canadian DIY: How to create a wardrobe wall

Do you dread rehanging up your clothes in a closet as much as I do? If so, do I ever have a treat for you today! One of my all time passions is working with found pallet wood for two reasons. It’s price efficient (aka free!) AND… it’s oh so rustically beautiful. :)

Being that I’m not ‘fond’ of hanging up my clothes (that IS what the bed and floor are for, no?), I desired a Canadian-made wardrobe wall made out of pallet wood. Not only is it a cool feature wall, it’s been truly the answer to my… clothing covered floor. Here’s how I did it!

1. Find your reclaimed lumber of choice.

Old fence boards or pallets or even new ones, if you so desire! Random boards will do for this design.

2. Sand the wood well, then screw it onto your wall.

Screwing into studs didn’t prove to be necessary; it held well. I went for an old style slat and plaster look, so I prepainted the wall white, then purposely left gaps between the slats. Not many boards required cutting when staggered vertically.

3. Screw in a mish mash of things that hook.

For a playful take, don’t overlook random finds such as an upside down hanger. Can you tell I’m not a very serious decorator? :)

 Have fun with it!

4. Go to town and fill up that wall!

This has proven to be a most useful feature in my own bedroom, however it would also totally rock in a kid’s room or even bathroom. How about a front entry? Once you have your own wardrobe wall, you’ll WANT to hang up your clothes just for the fun of it. :)

So… what do you think? Crazy, cool or both? What changes do you think would happen with a wardrobe wall in your own home?

Please use reclaimed lumber at your own risk. Tips on using it safely can be found in my own article HERE.

Photos are courtesy of Funky Junk Interiors and the full tutorial can be found HERE.

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13-Apr-2012, By: Brenda Dyck
Cool at first glance, and something I have done, but the raw wood does splinter and snag some fabrics.
13-Apr-2012, By: andrea willowcat
Great project!! wow
15-Apr-2012, By: Donna
Hey Brenda, yes, it certainly could if it isn't sanded well. I hit those boards pretty heavy. I went through various grits, starting and course and ending in fine. It was well worth the effort. Donna
29-Jul-2012, By: Robbie Pittman
I love the idea. I have seen so many wonderful ways to reuse pallets lately that I want to try! This idea is great just for the wall! I am going to have to find a wall or two, or maybe a room to do this in. I am thinking a library wall might be great too. Hmmm. Wheels a turning! Thanks! I love Canadians!!!

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