A Canadian DIY: Funky storage solution for junk and coats!

Well, my fellow Canadian junkers, are you ready for something on a wall that is a little “off the wall”? Pardon the pun but you’ll soon see what I mean.

Collectors ‘accumulate’ lots of stuff over a short period of time and when you run out of horizontal real estate, you have to go up. My stash was taking over my storage area when I came up with a wild brainstorm. Hang it up!

But I took it a step further and hung it all up in my front entry. Adding a few hooks here and there, I ended up with a junk art coat hook wall.

Everything was placed tight against each other like a puzzle, then screwed into the wall. I was prepared to place anchors where necessary, but everything ended being perfectly sound.

I haven’t decided if it’s storage until something better comes along or it’s staying. I rather love it just the way it is! Guess I’d better go shopping for more junk then, huh? :)

Do you have anything unique hanging up your coats by the front door?

Photos and design courtesy of Funky Junk Interiors. Complete tutorial and reveal can be found on the blog HERE.

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