A Canadian DIY: A ‘crate idea’ for a coffee station

I love my coffee! There’s nothing like that first jolt, first thing on a fine Canadian a.m. In fact, it’s so important to me, I have a ritual that’s never broken… no food passes my lips without my first cup. (Have you ever noticed that the coffee magic spell breaks after your first bite?).

Today’s coffee drinking comes with its challenges though. With the newfangled, one cup coffee makers that are all the rage these days, all those little, itty bitty coffee pods need a home.

The true blue junker in me grouped up a crate and a deep fryer basket (yup!) for a unique little Canadian-made coffee station that is totally productive, takes up little space and looks cool to boot.

Did you notice the creamer? It’s the best kept secret for storing sugar… the lid stays intact. Brilliant, I know. :)

This couldn’t be a simpler combination to put together. Grouping the most unlikely odds and ends can really create some unique uses.

How are you storing all those coffee pods, K Cups and discs?

Photos and ideas courtesy of Funky Junk Interiors.

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