ZefferDry boot tray

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Made in Canada

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Imagine having toasty warm boots to step in every time you head outside. It's easy with ZefferDry -  get yours and find out just how awesome that feels!


ZefferDry is 100% designed and manufactured in Canada, and built to last. It's sturdy enough to handle your wet gear all winter long, year after year.


ZefferDry is not only for boots – you can dry skates, gloves, mitts, hats and more. Plus, it's big enough to hold adult skates and big boots.


If you have a forced air furnace in your house, get a ZefferDry and enjoy winter a whole lot more. ZefferDry's unique design directs warm air from your furnace vent up through the tray, but traps water and dirt so your floor stays clean and dry.


With no electricity and no moving parts, ZefferDry is safe for the whole family. Why waste power and mess around with noisy fans and power cords?

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