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Developed by Sam for Barry Bonds this is the bat that holds the world records. 73 Home Runs in a season and over 756 home runs in a career. The 73 or 2K1 is known for its distinctive flared knob designed to be the same size as a baseball in your hand. A superbly well balance bat with a big barrel.


"Sam wants to give me the credit. But it took both of us to do it. I give thanks to God for my ability, and I give thanks to Sam for producing something that gives me a lot of confidence." - Barry Bonds, The Ottawa Sun, Canada 2002


What are Custom Big Barrel Bats? We have many MLB professional players using our wood bats. Here you can specify your length, weight, cupping, color, label and personalize your wood bat with your name and team. Please note that custom big barrel bats do take longer as the wood is less readily available.


If you choose to have your wood bat personalized it will be hand inscribed. We don't engrave our bats; this applies even for the professional players. Our production staff has taken great care to choose wood without even the most minor of flaws, we do not want to affect the integrity of the barrel!

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