Pure Gold Coin - Samuel de Champlain (2014)

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Get your very own limited mintage Samuel de Champlain 99.99% pure gold coin, featuring the famous explorer in a full-length portrait.


   •   Third coin in the Great Explorers Series that heralds Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017
   •   Certified 99.99% pure gold
   •   Very limited mintage – only 2,000 worldwide
   •   Beautiful, memorable design depicts Champlain in a full-body profile at a key moment in his exploration of Canada
   •   Engraved with stunning detail, the textures of the bark and wood ribbing on the canoe are further accented by the use of multiple finishes
   •   Design also highlights the fundamental role of Aboriginal people in Canada in the country's history and origins
   •   GST/HST exempt


Though there is no known confirmed portrait of Champlain, the coin image presents him as he is frequently portrayed in artistic depictions: with long dark hair, long moustache and trimmed beard, sporting a feathered cap, jacket and pantaloons of the era.


In his right hand, Champlain carries his astrolabe, famously thought to have been lost on a portage through the Calumet rapids near Cobden, Ontario—though this story has been largely discredited.


In his left, he holds a notebook, believed to have held his maps and drawings.


Behind the portrait is Champlain's birch-bark canoe, replete with supplies and paddles. His back turned to the waterway and distant tree-lined shore behind him.


A First Nations guide stands to his left with his own supply-filled canoe, holding a paddle in his right hand. His long hair sports two feathers, and he wears a buckskin loincloth, footwear and arm straps.


   •   Encapsulated and presented in a maroon clamshell with a black beauty box.
   •   Comes with a serialized certificate – your proof of ownership and evidence your coin was individually inspected.


Mintage: 2,000

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