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A three bean, medium bodied, full flavoured cup.


A blend so good that it's almost illegal.  The mix of a full-bodied Indonesian bean and the zip of a Central American bean make drinking this brew almost criminal.  Dark roasted, smooth and rich with subtle caramel tones, if Emperor Pic* was still around he would definitely be smuggling this coffee.


Price per 1 lb bag.


Tasting Notes: dark chocolate, spice, toffee sweetness

* Local Fact - Emilio "Emperor Pic" Picariello:
During the Prohibition of 1916-1924 the Crowsnest Pass was a popular area for “rum running”.  The Pass’ most notorious rum rummer was Emilio “Emperor Pic” Picariello.  He had a lucrative bootlegging territory that spanned from the Crowsnest Pass, west into British Columbia  and south into Montana giving him the largest rum running operation in Southern Alberta.  Pic and his housekeeper Florence Lassandro were involved in shooting and killing a police officer, and were both hung for murder.  That actually was criminal.

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