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Hey Family, turn that TV off!

By / Par: Andrea Willowcat - St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba

Category / Catégorie: Tips and tricks

Ah, sweet summertime, children running about all day playing in the sprinklers, skipping rope in the front street, street hockey in the back lane... what? What do you mean whose children am I talking about? Is the scene in your house more like a bunch of sloths sprawled across your floors and sofas, loafing around watching TV and playing video games? As a child I was playing outside in my neighbourhood rather than watching television or playing my Atari (!) system. Perhaps it is the 24/7 availability of children's programming, state of the art game systems, mind blowing graphics, busy parents, lazy parents, safety issues and whatever else but kids are less active these days and it shows with a growing rate of obesity and diabetes in children. In fact type 2 diabetes was once considered an illness for the aging is now affecting children and young adults at an alarming rate, see some statistics and information here.  

Here are some great items that are also made in Canada that will get the kids and their parents playing, creating and having fun!

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There is no excuse Canada to not get kids and grown-ups in motion! Be sure to inquire into the summer activities at your local community centers, parks and pools. Seek adventure and have fun!

PS: In case you still run out of ideas here are hundreds more from author, illustrator and guerilla artist Keri Smith 


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