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Member Spotlight: Outset Media

By / Par: Wendy T. Gibson

Category / Catégorie: Shopping guides

Congratulations to Buy Canadian First Member, Outset Media, for being recognized as Supplier of the Year by Neighbourhood Toy Stores of Canada, again! This is Outset Media's fifth award in eight years, so somebody must be doing something right!
Now based in Victoria, B.C., Outset Media was started in 1996, while founder, David Manga, was a 23 year old student completing his BCom at the University of Ottawa. The company's mission is to create board games, card games and puzzles that help develop healthy minds in children and provide quality entertainment for families the world over.
I've written before about how my husband and I like a good boardgame. In a recent interview in the Vancouver Sun, I thought that Manga expressed really well why board games are still popular in this day and age. "A lot of people say: 'Why don't you do computer games?' " Manga said. "We've never done them because they have nothing to do with board games. People who buy board games want to socialize. People who want to play video games don't want to socialize. They are very different markets. Video games have done nothing to curtail the board game market."

Manga launched his first game, All Canadian Trivia, while still at university! After playing another well-known trivia game and realizing he knew more about the United States than he did about his own country, he wanted to play a trivia game with a Canadian focus. When he couldn’t find one, he created All Canadian Trivia. That game went on to become a Canadian best-seller (more than 100,000 copies sold) and spawned Junior, French and Millennium editions, a Supplemental Question set, and the 10th Anniversary Edition.



In 2002, Manga created the first games in the Professor Noggin’s Made-in-Canada card game series. This popular series now numbers 34 games, which have won many major awards, receiving honors from the likes of the Parent’s Choice Foundation, the National Association for Gifted Children and Scholastic Instructor Magazine.

Are you a fan of board games or jigsaw puzzles?

:: images courtesy of Buy Canadian First member Outset Media Corp.

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