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Canadians Making Waves

One Year One Canadian

Purity is hard to find. That's been one of the lessons of the first five months of this project. It's really, really difficult to find products that were...

By: Darren Barefoot

Canadian Fashion

Canadian-made clothing

Charlie Boutique After running a blog focused on made-in-Canada fashion for almost a year, I realize that boutiques are an important part of this industry in...

By: Samantha Stylish

Media Coverage

Eco-friendly products made in Canada - TV segment

We’re off to Toronto for another visit with Canada AM! Although I visit with them every morning through the magic of television (and now Twitter!), it’s...

By: Isabelle Remy

Canadian DIY projects

canadian-made home decor

I adore collecting good ol’ Canadian vintage toolboxes. They’re just so versatile, making fabulous centerpieces for tables and providing great storage...

By: Donna Williams