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Eating & Drinking Canadian

Shopping local in Nove Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI

The term ‘local’ when applied to food is officially defined as produced within a 50km radius of your location. But some people will have it include food...

By: Andrea Willowcat

Canadian Fashion

Canadian-made shoes and fashion accessories

Headmistress! Clothing is a fun way to spruce up your mood. However, hair accessories are a whole other adventure. This week I featured five pieces from the popular...

By: Samantha Stylish

Contests & Giveaways

Eco-friendly products made in Canada - giveaway

Each year, in Canada and around the world, April 22nd is dedicated to honouring our planet and focussing on ways we can lessen our environmental impact. I’ve...

By: Isabelle Remy

What’s Hot!

Why My Graphics Business Loves Canada

My little sign and graphics business resides in a very small town in British Columbia, Canada. But, apparently, size has no merit when it comes to making good decisions...

By: Donna Williams