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initiative achat canadien

Oui, c’est à vous que je m’adresse! Je sais que vous recherchez activement des produits fabriqués au Canada. La tendance est claire et...

By: Isabelle Remy

Product Reviews

wiper covers made in Canada

I confess: I am not a winter person. I don’t enjoy the cold, the wind, the snow, the freezing rain. I don’t ski anymore, I don’t ice skate, nor...

By: Isabelle Remy

Canadians Making Waves

One Year One Canadian

I recently watched an episode of Being Erica which began with Erica awakening to find her bed empty. Her boyfriend, shirtless under an apron, greets her from the...

By: Darren Barefoot

Media Coverage

Outdoor living made in canada

Great to be back in Ottawa! I love that city, especially now that my stepson and his family have moved there. We’re always looking for an excuse to visit and...

By: Isabelle Remy