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Made in Canada fair in St-Thomas, Ontario

I spent last weekend in St-Thomas, Ontario. Why, you ask? Excellent question. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by my new friend Freddy from the CAW Local 2168...

By: Isabelle Remy

Canadians Making Waves

One Year One Canadian

Thanks to everybody who's left a comment, or followed my progress on le Twitter and la Facebook. A lot of you have asked questions. Instead of filling up the...

By: Darren Barefoot

Canadian DIY projects

Canadian-made home decor and accessories

I love my coffee! There’s nothing like that first jolt, first thing on a fine Canadian a.m. In fact, it’s so important to me, I have a ritual that’s...

By: Donna Williams

Holiday Season

Yellow Hydrant Woof Eh Dog Hoody made in Canada

This is the 4th and last installment of our Gift Guide series. If you're missed the previous ones, check them out here, here and here. The countdown is on:...

By: Isabelle Remy