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Canadians Making Waves

One Year One Canadian

Another month, another topic. This month I added ‘transportation’ to the Canadian-only landscape that is my life. It’s one of those topics where,...

By: Darren Barefoot

Healthy Living

weight loss products made in Canada

It’s the end of week 2 of my weight loss journey with Thin Evolution (my post for week 1 is here). I just came back from my weekly weigh-in with my coach Tina,...

By: Isabelle Remy

Contests & Giveaways

Strong & Free giveaway - Made in Canada

I’m a proud Canadian. (I’m also a French-speaking, “pure wool”, 12th generation Quebecer, which always makes for an interesting mix!). I...

By: Isabelle Remy

Canadian Fashion

Canadian-made shoes and fashion accessories

Hat Junkie! Are you a hat junkie? For years I have been afflicted by an impulse for fashionable hats. It is something that I have learned to embrace while also...

By: Samantha Stylish