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Canadian Fashion

Canadian-made shoes and fashion accessories

Headmistress! Clothing is a fun way to spruce up your mood. However, hair accessories are a whole other adventure. This week I featured five pieces from the popular...

By: Samantha Stylish

Canadians Making Waves

One Year One Canadian

Thanks to everybody who's left a comment, or followed my progress on le Twitter and la Facebook. A lot of you have asked questions. Instead of filling up the...

By: Darren Barefoot

From Isabelle

Canada Day

It’s here at last: Canada Day! Time to celebrate our great nation, come together with our family, friends and neighbours and just hang out and have a good...

By: Isabelle Remy

Holiday Season

Stocking fillers made in Canada from Dollarama

Here we go again… part 3 of my blog series about buying-Canadian on a budget for the Holidays… Sounds like an oxy-moron? Read on… Read Part...

By: Isabelle Remy