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Canadian DIY projects

Canadian-made outdoor living items

If you ever come across an old wheelbarrow, bound for a nearby dump, grab it! They make amazing planters for your Canadian garden. This design resembles a...

By: Donna Williams

Holiday Season

Stocking stuffers made in Canada from Dollarama

Is it really the week before Christmas already?! Where has the time gone? It’s time for shopping, baking and decorating. It’s also time for our 3rd annual...

By: Isabelle Remy

Healthy Living

weight loss products made in Canada

Let me start by saying I’ve never had a weight issue. Please don’t hate me for that. But now in my mid-40s, I’m annoyed by my expanding waist (wine...

By: Isabelle Remy

Eating & Drinking Canadian

Shopping local in BC and Yukon

Are there any economic gurus out there that are fans of buying local or buying Canadian? I am curious, as my husband and I were having a discussion about buying...

By: Andrea Willowcat