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Made with Essentia's Natural Memory Foam the Beausommet provides added mid-body support.

- People who prefer a firmer bed surface
- Or people who require mid-body support

Firmer than our Dormeuse mattress, the Beausommet is designed for mid-body to bottom-heavy body types or people who just prefer a firmer, yet pressure relieving mattress

A latex lumbar support feature is fused into the mattress preventing the mid-body from sinking in too deep. This added support also contributes to proper spinal alignment for mid-body to bottom-heavy body types.

•Made with Essentia Natural Memory Foam.
•Ventilated formula keeps a fresh comfortable sleep surface.
•Individually molded / Adhesive free.
•VOC and Formaldehyde free. (UCLA tested)
•Recovers 72% faster for assisted movement and superior luxury.
•Increases spinal hydration, invigorates and heals the body.
•Full body 7 zoned latex layer for improved spinal alignment.
•Dust mite deterrent & hypoallergenic.
•Compatible with adjustable bases & platform beds.
•Long lasting, 20 year warranty.


Breathability is the number 1 issue people have with memory foam. Traditional memory foams are made with toxic petrochemicals. Our main ingredients are essential oils, plant extracts and water. Because of this, Essentia Natural Material is far more expensive to produce but breathes 80% better than all other memory foams and it’s healthy to sleep on.

2.Recovery time
The number 2 issue people have with Memory foam is the inability to move. Memory foam is designed to conform to your body. Movement is restricted by this body cast. The Beausommet is molded which results in a memory foam which recovers 72% faster than any other on the market. Moving is effortless, as it should be.

Comfort in the Beausommet is created by our molding technology, unmatched pressure relief and a perfect body alignment created by latex support pillows.

Comfort is measurable. A lie down test cannot determine true comfort. Essentia mattresses are tested for comfort in labs. Evolving past the standard soft, medium, hard our mattresses revolve around body types and weight as well as contouring preferences.

Our mattresses are assembled using only the finest components available, from our performing fabrics, our unsurpassed Natural Memory Foam, and our 100% natural latex support features.

All Essentia mattresses are built through our patented individually molding process. Applying our Natural Memory Foam without adhesives, the products have been tested and rank #1 for durability, outlasting latex and visco elastic memory foam beds. Our mattresses come with a 20 year warranty.

Sizes & prices:
1) Twin (39 x 75): $ 3089.00
2) Twin X (39 x 80): $ 3089.00
3) Full (54 x 75): $ 3951.00
4) Queen (60 x 80): $ 4139.00
5) King (76 x 80): $ 5446.00
6) Cal King (72 x 84): $ 5656.00

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