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Launched in 2008, Buy Canadian First’s mission is to promote Canadian companies, their services and the products they make right here at home. Initially, our goal was simply to create a website that would tell consumers what products are made in Canada, and where they can find them. 3 years later, the company has evolved into an advertising & exporting agency specializing in Made in Canada.

A new version of our website will be launched in the Spring of 2013 reflecting our broadening activities. Very exciting! Until then, learn more about us:   

Who is Buy Canadian First?

The Story, as told by Isabelle Remy, Founder of Buy Canadian First

In late September 2007, my husband Pascal and I were driving back to Montreal from the Eastern Townships (cottage country for you non-Montrealers) when we turned on the radio to hear the traffic news. There was a talk show on about the recent recalls of imported products, such as toys with lead paint, tainted pet foods, etc.

One caller came on and explained how for the past three months, he had been trying to live exclusively with Canadian-made products. He was doing fine with food and drink, clothing and footwear, and even toys for his kids. But he had a problem: the caller had been sitting on the floor for three months now, because he couldn’t find a sofa made in Canada!

A light bulb went on in my head

Wouldn’t it be fantastic, I thought, to have a website exclusively showcasing consumer goods made in Canada, covering all segments of the market from clothing to furniture, toys to sports equipment?

It was such a no-brainer, I could not imagine that such a site did not already exist. As soon as we got home that night, I Googled “Made in Canada” and found a few websites, but nothing close to the scope I was envisioning. For several days afterwards, I continued my research and was convinced of the viability of this venture.

A new Canadian brand is born

We wanted a name that conveyed the concept of buying Canadian first, not buying Canadian only. I could not live without olive oil, coffee, chocolate and other luxuries afforded by international trade. The idea is not to go backwards or hide behind protectionism, but simply to educate consumers on the availability of products made in Canada.

Thus the name Buy Canadian First was chosen!

And a little over nine months later, this site was born thanks to the efforts and vision of the team that was assembled to give it life. I am grateful to everyone who listened to my story, got inspired and supported this endeavour with heart and soul. They are the reason this site is live today.


August 4, 2008


Photo courtesy of Montreal-based photographer Lisa Howard

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