It’s all about Made-in-Canada on Canada AM!

It’s 9 o’clock: we have to go! We’re heading out to Toronto, 500 kms away, to appear on CTV’s Canada AM. You see, we’re closing off Made-in-Canada week and our job is to show the diversity of products made in this great country of ours. That’s easy enough; that’s what we do every day!

So off we go on our latest adventure! My husband and I have a routine when we go to Toronto. We stop halfway in beautiful Kingston and have lunch at the Wooden Heads restaurant. Today, the sky is menacing but we still manage to eat on the terrace and stay dry! We share a pizza and salad, relax with a glass of Ontario wine, then head back down the 401.

We get to our hotel around 5 PM. Nice to get out of the car! We always stay at the Holiday Inn Express when we go to the CTV studios, as it is a 5 minute drive away and no danger of getting stuck in traffic and missing our live TV date!

After a nice dinner and a good night’s sleep, we show up at the studio with plenty of time to set-up before air-time. As usual, everyone is friendly, kind and very welcoming. Feels so nice!

A few butterflies in the stomach, but nothing too bad. As usual, despite lot’s of planning & preparing, it all comes down to 4 minutes of ‘’spontaneous” conversation with a great host (need I say more…it’s Seamus!) about some amazing Canadian companies and their products. I open my mouth and something comes out, with all the passion of my convictions! Good or bad, it’s done in just a few minutes!

You can watch the segment here.

Today, it was priviledge and thrill to showcase the great Canadian-made products below:

1) High-fashion hosiery made in Montreal by Reliable Hosiery since the 50s. This company is also the last remaining sock manufacturer in Canada, and can produce customized & personalized socks with any designs you wish! Very cool!

2) Designer handbags and slippers hand-made in Cape Breton by twin sisters Michelle & Monique, under the brand Michique. Unique, beautiful and head-turning, these creations are garnering attention from celebrities around the world. Just back from Cannes, where they were invited to participate in one of the famous gifting suites, the ladies are on a roll!

3) Canada’s wines are now competing against the best on the international scene, and one of our best wineries is Closson Chase Vineyard in Prince Edward County. Winemaker Deborah Paskus specializes in Pinot noir and Chardonnay which will simply blow your (Canadian) socks off! I am a HUGE fan of Chardonnays, and have samples more than I can remember, but these ones stand out from the crowd. Give them a try an dlet m eknow what you think!

4) Company coming and you forgot to chill the wine? No problem. A Quebec company has invented a nifty gadget: the Ravi instant wine refresher. Keep the Ravi in the freezer, and simply pop it onto the uncorked bottle. Pour the wine out through the Ravi, and it will come out chilled to just the right temperature…in 7 seconds. Awesome!

5) What does Barry Bonds and Jose Bautista have in common? They both use the 2K1 solid maple bat made in Ottawa by Sam Bat to set their amazing records!

6) Who knew we made heavy-duty gardening tools in Canada? If it’s top quality and super-durable, you know Ottawa-based Lee Valley Tools will have on their shelves!

7) The show’s producers specifically requested we bring at least one item 100% made in Canada, from locally-sourced material. Everything had to be made here, including the packaging. We were happy to oblige! Introducing: a line of games for all ages, made in Quebec by Editions Gladius. Although licensees of Hollywood studio characters, they are all-Canadian!

8) Safety first. That’s what’s behind Tail Wags helmet covers, made in Toronto by Karyn Climans. With over 40 adorable designs, which fit all helmets from cycling, to snowboarding to equestrian, you’re sure to find one that your kids (or you) will love!

Buy Canadian First - helmet cover made in Canada

9) Denise Dow from New Brunswick has a mission: spread Canadian pride across the country. Inspired and passionate, she has created a beautiful emblem bearing maples leaves and the words Strong & Free. She and her products are truly inspirational.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m wearing my favourite Lundstrom dress, made in Toronto!

Until next time…let’s all get out there and buy Canadian!

Meantime, don’t forget to enter our contest to win some these great products valued at almost $ 300. The contest ends today at 5 PM ET, so hurry!


Images courtesy of Isabelle Remy and Buy Canadian First members

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