Celebrating Mother Earth with Canada AM!

We’re off to Toronto for another visit with Canada AM! Although I visit with them every morning through the magic of television (and now Twitter!), it’s always so awesome to be right there on-set!

In honour of Mother Earth, we are featuring some great Canadian-made products which are good for the environment. That’s a double-bonus in my books!

You can watch the segment here, and here’s a recap of what we were showing today:

Canned tuna & salmon from Raincoast Trading in B.C. A fourth-generation family-owned fishing business dedicated to sustainability in all they do: from fishing to processing and packaging. Truly outstanding products and company.

Environmentally-responsible gardening products from Green Earth (Premier Tech) in Ontario. Safe to use, they are formulated with ingredients derived from botanical, mineral and animal source. So now you can have a beautiful and healthy garden!

Natural laundry care & house hold cleaners from NatureClean in Ontario. A third-generation family business dedicated to healthier living every day. Sporting a new look this Spring, their products are good for people and for the planet!

Natural body care is what The Great Canadian Soap Company from PEI is all about. This unique company is farm-based and raises its own goats to supply the pure and natural goats milk which goes in many of their products. They welcome visitors, and that’s a place I can’t wait to go! Watch this video and you”ll understand why!

And last but definitely not least: children’s playhouse and car made of recycled material from Cascades Boutique in Quebec. These adorable items are part of a larger line of fun cardboard playthings for kids but also for pets! And of course, they are fully recyclable!

Oh, and in case you’re curious, I’m wearing Lundstrom made in Toronto!

Thanks again to the entire Canada AM team, as well as to fellow-Montreal Todd Van Der Heyden!

P.S. If you have not yet entered our Earth Day giveaway, hurry! Entries are accepted until Friday April 20th at 5:00 PM ET. Up for grabs is a gift pack full of Canadian-made eco-friendly products with a total value of over $550! The contest is here.

Good luck!

Images courtesy of CTV and Buy Canadian First members

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