Buying Canadian is Newsworthy

Buying Canadian is Newsworthy

We had quite the exciting day at the office yesterday! Jessica Brown from CBC News Montreal at Six, dropped-by for an on-screen interview.

Late November is traditionally known as a huge shopping period, especially South of the border (Black Friday phenomenon), but in this time of economic uncertainty, we would love to see more shoppers stay closer to home and support the local economy! Doesn’t that make more sense? That’s what I told the CBC. Watch the segment here!

I can’t tell you how delighted I am to see the media paying attention to the buy local and buy-Canadian movement. It confirms and bolsters the trend while raising awareness of the importance of supporting Canadian manufacturers large and small.

What do you think of Black Friday? Are you going to seek out made-in-Canada holiday gifts? Let us know!

Images courtesy of the CBC.

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27-Nov-2008, By: Christine Budai
Well done! We recently had an article written in our local newspaper about the same topic. Because of the economic times we are faced with Canadian consumers should be more discerning about where they spend their dollar and support local businesses. Here' the link: Thanks for supporting Canadian retailers and Canadian made products!

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