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It is Day 12 of our Cross Canadian Countdown and I am so pleased to have the opportunity to introduce Canadians across the country to some awesome Holiday gifts ideas made in Canada, on Monday December 12th, thanks to Canada AM!

Featured this morning (watch the segment):

1) MegaBloks building blocks from MegaBrands, available at Toys R Us and Walmart:

2) Convertible wooden sleigh from Millside Industries, available at Canadian Tire :

3) Backyard ice rink kits from RinkMaster, available online at RinkMaster :

4) Casual safety footwear from Mellow Walk, available at Mark’s, Mister Safety & Work Authority :

5) Jez-Elite leather apparel from Creations Jez, available in specialty retailers across the country:

6) Muttluks dog booties available at Pet Valu stores across Canada as well as specialty pet retailers:


This year, why not put Canadian-made under the tree? It’s the gift that truly keeps on giving….to your community, your environment, your country….

Happy Holidays!

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