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Great to be back in Ottawa! I love that city, especially now that my stepson and his family have moved there. We’re always looking for an excuse to visit and hang out with Junior (baby Kevin, 14 months old and ADORABLE). Yes, I’m a Step-Grandma and loving it! But I digress…;-)

I had a blast on /A\ Morning, showing-off some great products made in Canada, as usual! Today’s theme was Outdoor Living…and hoping for sunnier skies!

Summer products made in Canada

You can watch the video here.

(sorry, the video is no longer available...)

Featured were:

Gardening tools and accessories made by Garant in Quebec. I was blown away to learn that this company has been manufacturing in Canada for 116 years! That’s amazing! We featured their Botanica line of tools designed for smaller spaces… or smaller hands! Love that lime green, don’t you?

Garden tools made in Canada by Garant

And what about that cute Tubby, to carry around the garden when you’re weeding, raking, fertilizing, etc. Just hose it down when you’re done!

Tubby made in Canada by Garant

Solid maple baseball bats made by Sam Bat in Ottawa. This is a true success story. Not only does this company supply baseball bats to the MLB, but they also export to over a dozen countries where Baseball is king! Plus, Sam Bats are the official baseball bats of Australian Baseball! Just fantastic! The bat featured this morning, the 2K1 (or 73) is the same model as the one used by Barry Bonds to break the record of most home runs in one season!

Baseball bat made in Canada by Sam Bat

A summer classic: Mr. Freeze, made by Kisko in Ontario. Makers of everyone’s favourite frozen treat since 1977, Kisko is forever etched in our childhood memories as the best way to cool down on a hot summer’s day! New this year, 2 healthy additions to their product line: The Welch’s frozen juice bars and the Kisko Plus which has added calcium and Vitamin D. The kiddies will never know something that tastes so good is also good for them!

Welch's frozen treats made in Canada by Kisko

And finally, the most gorgeous summer dress I have ever worn: a tie-front dress made by Lundstrom in Ontario. Part of their new Lundstrom Collection, it is a real pleasure to wear: beautiful fabric, great design and soooooo comfortable! Originally founded in 1974 by the award-winning designer Linda Lundstrom, the company operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Toronto.

As always, the crew of /A\ Morning, headed by Producer Extraordinaire Ziyada Callender, do a great job of supporting their immediate community as well as embracing the greater Canadian picture. Koodos and thanks for a great time! See you next month for great Father’s Day gift ideas…made in Canada!

What about you, are you getting ready for summer (or Spring at least) ?

Images courtesy of Buy Canadian First members Garant, Sam Bat, Kisko and Lundstrom.

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