Buy Canadian First is TIFF bound! (Part 1)

September is here at last, bringing with it the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Did you know this festival is now the second largest in the world, after Cannes? Growing every year, this Made in Canada event attracts a myriad of Hollywood celebrities and industry giants. For 10 days each September, all eyes are on Canada! We LOVE that!

This year, Buy Canadian First is very proud to be a part of this great festival, through our supply of swag bags filled with products Made-in-Canada for one of the parties taking place at the beautiful Bell Lightbox. The event is organized by Myriad Pictures to celebrate the launch of their new Canadian distribution company: Cross Country Entertainment. The party will be attended by American and Canadian media and industry executives, as well as international screen stars. The invite list includes, amongst others, Katie Holmes, Canadian cutie Jay Baruchel, Stanley Tucci (loved him in Julie & Julia!), Malin Ackerman, etc.

Our gift bags, filled with great Canadian-made products, will be given out to the attendees. How exciting! But even more exciting: you could win your very own swag bag! We are giving away 5 of those beauties to 5 lucky winners! To enter, read on!

So what’s in there, you ask? Here’s a sneak peak at the companies who’s great Canadian-made products will be in the bags…

We’ll be attending the party and we’ll be joined by the girls of Show Me Your Canada. It will be a blast! Stay tuned for updates & photos!

To enter the giveaway, do as many of the 3 following things as possible, as they each count for one entry. The more the merrier (and luckier)!

  • Leave us a comment below telling us who your favourite Canadian actor or actress is;
  • Follow us on Twitter and mention the following: @BuyCndianFirst loves@TIFF_NET #madeincanada;
  • Like us on Facebook and write on our Wall who your favourite Canadian actor or actress is.

The giveaway ends on Sunday, September 18th at 5:00 PM ET. We will pick 5 names at random from all entries and the winners will be announced on Monday, September 19th.

Good luck!


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31-Aug-2011, By: Andrea Tomkins
I can't decide who my favourite Canadian actor is because there are so many to choose from! How about I say Jim Carrey and leave it at that? :)
31-Aug-2011, By: Maria Stanley
I LOVE Victor Garber!!
31-Aug-2011, By: Jessica Gedge
Love Sarah Polley!
31-Aug-2011, By: Katrina Brady
Dan Aykroyd!! without a doubt hilarious!
31-Aug-2011, By: Maureen Carroll
My fav Canadian Actor is Donald Sutherland!
31-Aug-2011, By: Jennifer Burke
One of my all-time favourite Canadian actors is Michael J. Fox!
31-Aug-2011, By: Roy Whitney
My fav Canadian actor is the legendary John Candy!
31-Aug-2011, By: Angela Massis
My favorite actress is Rachel McAdams.
31-Aug-2011, By: Lynda McDougall
Sweet and adorable Ryan Reynolds :)
31-Aug-2011, By: Mary Kwan
Michael J. Fox is my favorite actor!
31-Aug-2011, By: John Kwan
Sarah Polley!
31-Aug-2011, By: Jean Kwan
Sarah Polley!
31-Aug-2011, By: Tikka Smiley
My favorite Canadian actor is Don McKeller - he's also a fabulous writer and director and is adorable, to boot!
31-Aug-2011, By: David Humphrey
William Shatner. Period.
31-Aug-2011, By: Leighann Keller
Guess I would say Ryan Reynolds.
31-Aug-2011, By: Diane King
My favorite actor --Eugene Levy.
31-Aug-2011, By: Deanna Pottinger
My favourite Canadian actor is Matt Frewer.
31-Aug-2011, By: Sherry Harder
Jim Carrey without a doubt!!! :)
31-Aug-2011, By: Fan Rakhim
My Canadian actor is Tahmoh Penikett.
31-Aug-2011, By: Maureen Beisel
Mike Myers.
31-Aug-2011, By: Cate Growen
Over the years, it has changed.. Leslie Neilson, Remi Gerard, R H Thompson… however of the new up and coming, I simply ADORE Jay Baruchel!
31-Aug-2011, By: Chantelle Muise
My all-time favourite Canadian Actor is Michael J. Fox. He is really inspiring and I have to admit I have had a crush on him since Back to the Future. :)
31-Aug-2011, By: Wendy Bloink
I have more than one favorite has to be Dan Aykroyd.
31-Aug-2011, By: Sabina Serl
Donald Sutherland.
31-Aug-2011, By: WAYNE TURNER
Ryan Gosling is my fave.
31-Aug-2011, By: Rita Fong
A fav of mine is William Shatner!
31-Aug-2011, By: Diana Bourassa
I love Donald Sutherland, Michael J Fox and many more. I will stop at two lol
31-Aug-2011, By: Maria Cipriano
My favourite Canadian actress is Ellen Page.
31-Aug-2011, By: CHARITY Daiken
Ryan Reynolds. ;)
31-Aug-2011, By: Gail Swanstrom
Mine would be Jim Carrey! He is so funny :)
31-Aug-2011, By: Mark Villanueva
Favorite actor has to be Ryan Reynolds.
31-Aug-2011, By: Kim Gott
Mike Myers! Always makes me laugh!
31-Aug-2011, By: Cathy Quinlan
My favorite actor is Christopher Plummer.
31-Aug-2011, By: Jen
My fav is Ryan Reynolds!
31-Aug-2011, By: Jacqueline Hardy
I like Brent Butt.
31-Aug-2011, By: Karry Knisley
My fave Canadian actor is Ryan Reynolds.
31-Aug-2011, By: Irene LaCroix
My favourite Canadian actor is Mike Myers :) Cool contest... thanks!
31-Aug-2011, By: Lynn Goad
Jim Carrey & Ryan Gosling are my Favourite Canadian Actors!
31-Aug-2011, By: Rosanna Di
My favourite Canadian actor is Jim Carrey.
31-Aug-2011, By: Julie Palmese
I like Ryan Reynolds!
31-Aug-2011, By: Debbie
Definitely Jim Carrey.
31-Aug-2011, By: Ned Loach
I love Sarah Polley. Brilliant actor, and terrific director!
31-Aug-2011, By: Scarlett Garden
As a person it's John Candy. He sat at the next table from me in a restaurant in Vancouver many years ago and he made googly eyes at me all night. I loved him for that. Miss him still.
31-Aug-2011, By: Meagan Dalby
Have to go with Ryan Gosling.
31-Aug-2011, By: Sharonne Katz
Michael J. Fox...
31-Aug-2011, By: Maria Goulart
Jim Carrey is my favourite Canadian actor.
31-Aug-2011, By: Angie Valenzano
Love Ryan Gosling!
31-Aug-2011, By: Kam Parbhakar
Fave Canadian actor is Ryan Reynolds!
01-Sep-2011, By: Josephine Cheung
Jim Carrey.
01-Sep-2011, By: Adeline Mathieu
Christopher Plummer and Gordon Pinsent are two of the most distinguished and versatile Canadian actors.
01-Sep-2011, By: Kimberley Schmidt
Most fav is Ryan Reynolds.
01-Sep-2011, By: Kathy Boyd
Jim Carrey has made me laugh til I have tears:)
01-Sep-2011, By: Melody Halls
I like Elisha Cuthbert!
01-Sep-2011, By: SUMMER PLEWES
Keifer Sutherland...hands down!!
01-Sep-2011, By: Jennie Nickerson
My favourite Canadian actor is Michael J Fox!
01-Sep-2011, By: C. Creamer
I like Roy Dupuis.
01-Sep-2011, By: Jocelyne
Missy Peregrym.
01-Sep-2011, By: Kimaka
Jim Carrey.
01-Sep-2011, By: My Bits and Bleeps Blog
William Shatner gets my vote!
01-Sep-2011, By: Barbara Edwards
My favorite Canadian actor is Michael J. Fox.
01-Sep-2011, By: Michelle Isaiah
I have too many fav like Dan Aykroyd, Jim Carrey, John Candy, Mike Myers.
01-Sep-2011, By: Nicole WC
Lochlyn Munro.
01-Sep-2011, By: Karla Sceviour
I like Jim Carrey…he’s too funny! :)
01-Sep-2011, By: Fan Rakhim
I like Gary Farmer.
01-Sep-2011, By: Cindy Chau
My favourite Canadian actress is Rachel McAdams.
01-Sep-2011, By: Bethany
LOVE Evangeline Lily. Gorgeous!!!
01-Sep-2011, By: Andrew Porter
Michael J. Fox.
01-Sep-2011, By: Tracey Widman
Donald Sutherland.
01-Sep-2011, By: Heidi PAWLUK
William Shatner.....favourite actor.
01-Sep-2011, By: Belinda McNabb
My favorite Canadian actor is Ryan Reynolds.
01-Sep-2011, By: Pamela Humphrey
One of my favourite actresses is Ellen Page.
04-Sep-2011, By: Lisa Penney
Ryan Gosling for sure!
04-Sep-2011, By: Ginette Anger
My favourite Canadian actor would have to be Christopher Plummer.
05-Sep-2011, By: Allison Saunders
Adam Beach.
05-Sep-2011, By: David King
Pamela Anderson.
05-Sep-2011, By: Suzanne Ds
I like Donald Sutherland.
05-Sep-2011, By: Agnes Marshall
My favourite Canadian actor is Leslie Neilson.
05-Sep-2011, By: Barbara DeFrance
My favourite Canadian actor is Stanley Tucci. He is such a capable actor but not many Canadians recognise his name. He was outstanding in Julie and Julia, Burlesque and on ER.
05-Sep-2011, By: Tania Bugnet
My fave Canadian actor would be Mike Myers.
05-Sep-2011, By: Anne Budgell
William Shatner, he is who he is! I have been Shatnered!
05-Sep-2011, By: Veronica Wong
Rachel McAdams!
05-Sep-2011, By: Jacqueline Hill
Pamela Anderson.
05-Sep-2011, By: Leslie Thurston
Jim Carrey is the best! Not only as an actor but he shines as an advocate of social change with his U Foundation. Love him!
06-Sep-2011, By: Chris Wray
I would have to say Jim Carrey hands down.
06-Sep-2011, By: Lori Darowski
Shenae Grimes!!!
06-Sep-2011, By: Patricia Boyle
Gordon Pinsent.
06-Sep-2011, By: Deborah Hudon
William Shatner.
06-Sep-2011, By: Joseph Hudon
Michael J Fox.
06-Sep-2011, By: Nicolas Helal
Michael J Fox.
06-Sep-2011, By: Carole Dube
Michael J. Fox is my favourite Canadian actor.
06-Sep-2011, By: Lori Olson
There are so many great Canadian actors. I love Jim Carrey but there are so many others.
06-Sep-2011, By: ShiAnne Lam
My ultimate fave actor is Jason Priestley!!
06-Sep-2011, By: Katherine Gaskin
Ryan Gosling.
06-Sep-2011, By: Kris Coghlan
My favourite is Ryan Gosling.
06-Sep-2011, By: Shannon Cormier
John Candy is ONE of my faves. He's in sooo many classic movies that I watch over and over again! Gone too soon...
07-Sep-2011, By: Diana Corlett
Favourite actor is Yannick Bisson.
07-Sep-2011, By: Rose Ardanaz
The Late John Candy!
07-Sep-2011, By: Sandra P
Fav actor is Michael J Fox.
07-Sep-2011, By: Jonathan Bunning
Has to be Bill Shatner...such a legend...
07-Sep-2011, By: Wayne Bosch
Favorite is always John Candy.
07-Sep-2011, By: Dal Legault
Jonathon Young for sure.
09-Sep-2011, By: Crystal Eastwood
Love Ryan Gosling as favorite male, how about that adorable up and coming actress, Sarah Hansen? Too cute!
09-Sep-2011, By: Chris MacDonald
My favourite Canadian actor is Donald Sutherland.
09-Sep-2011, By: Lisa Mallia
Right now it'd have to be Nathan Fillion.
09-Sep-2011, By: Jacqueline Sampson
My fave Canadian Actor is Ellen Page.
09-Sep-2011, By: Pamela Fontaine
My favourite Canadian actor is Albert Schultz!
11-Sep-2011, By: Tonya Wagenaar
Ryan Gosling!
12-Sep-2011, By: Chris Wray
Jim Carrey!
12-Sep-2011, By: Rick Roussel
Elisha Cuthbert is so hot!
12-Sep-2011, By: Kamla Wray
Kiefer Sutherland.
12-Sep-2011, By: Theda Prahl
My favoured Canadian Actor is the one and only Jim Carrey!
13-Sep-2011, By: Caroline Moustache
I really like Michael Ironside.
13-Sep-2011, By: Janet Meisner
My favorite Canadian actor is Donald Sutherland.
13-Sep-2011, By: Michelle McElroy
Keanu Reeves for the past 20 years!
13-Sep-2011, By: Kelly Burkholder
The late Phil Hartman.
14-Sep-2011, By: Kellie King
I love Jim Carrey & I also loved John Candy (may he RIP). However, with that being said there are many more great Canadian actors that I enjoy, as Canada has a lot of great talent!!!
13-Sep-2011, By: Debbie Watson
Michael J. Fox!! is my fav.
14-Sep-2011, By: Chrysta Archer
Ryan Reynolds gets my vote :)
14-Sep-2011, By: Lynn Tasta
Micheal J Fox a very courageous young man.
14-Sep-2011, By: Simon Ng
Mike Myers.
14-Sep-2011, By: Jennifer Wilson
Leslie Nielsen and Ryan Reynolds are a tie.
14-Sep-2011, By: Haritina Dragneva
John Candy.
14-Sep-2011, By: Amy Ng
Michael J Fox.
14-Sep-2011, By: Magda Szeliga
The sexiest, the most handsome, great and my favourite Canadian actor is Ryan Reynolds!!!
14-Sep-2011, By: Biaggio Di
Mike Myers!!
14-Sep-2011, By: Carol Cline
My favourite actor is John Candy!
14-Sep-2011, By: Gary Baker
Michael J. Fox.
14-Sep-2011, By: Fab
There are too many to count, but I'll just say Scott Speedman because he's SO dreamy! ;)
14-Sep-2011, By: Nikki Bergen
Michael j fox!
14-Sep-2011, By: Crystal Schaan
My favorite Canadian Actor is Michael J. Fox!
14-Sep-2011, By: Romana
I love the actors from Picnicface on Youtube! They just recently came out with a film called Roller Town and I'm really excited to watch it! Also they have a show on Comedy Network! Congrats guys!
14-Sep-2011, By: Debbie Paisley
My fav is Keifer Sutherland…
15-Sep-2011, By: Theresa Mayville
Ryan Reynolds.
15-Sep-2011, By: DAYLE BUTLER
Wow, great giveaway. My favourite actor is Donald Sutherland. also Dan Ackroyd and John Candy are so funny. Jimmy Carey too.
15-Sep-2011, By: Sara North
I love Rachel McAdams!! She is beautiful and a great actress (love The Notebook!!)
15-Sep-2011, By: Christine Lu
Rachel McAdams has my vote! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
15-Sep-2011, By: Kelly Hammill
I can't decide between the 2 Ryans!! Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling...hmmm…tough one!
15-Sep-2011, By: Rachel Woodburn
My favourite actress is Rachel McAdams! Or actor, Ryan Reynolds!
15-Sep-2011, By: Chris Daigle
Big fan of Donald Sutherland.
16-Sep-2011, By: Cat C.
Ellen Page.
16-Sep-2011, By: Cory C.
John Candy.
16-Sep-2011, By: Bel G.
Ryan Gosling.
16-Sep-2011, By: Brenda
I really like Michael J Fox.
16-Sep-2011, By: Joan Brown
I love Ryan Reynolds. He's great, my favourite.
16-Sep-2011, By: Lori Sexton
Ryan Gosling.
17-Sep-2011, By: Eniko Gaspar
Colleen Dewhurst.
17-Sep-2011, By: Suzi Hushen
Michael J Fox is my favourite Canadian actor!
17-Sep-2011, By: Janice Cournoyer
I really like Ryan gosling!
17-Sep-2011, By: Diane Duffield
My favourite Canadian Actor is Donald Sutherland!
17-Sep-2011, By: Ken Duffield
Leslie Nielsen.
17-Sep-2011, By: Nancy Montgomery
Tommy Chong.
17-Sep-2011, By: David Matthews
Graham Greene.

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