Another exciting adventure on Canada AM!

I just left CTV’s studios in Toronto after a live appearance on Canada AM to talk about Made-in-Canada. I love the energy on the set; you wouldn’t believe how many things are going on all at once! Kuddos to a great crew that makes it all look so seamless on screen!

In case you missed it, you can watch the segment here.

The theme was back-to-school with Canadian-made items. The products and companies featured were:

For kids:

1) Basic workbooks, from Hilroy in Ontario

2) Recycled pencil case, from Eco-HandBags in Quebec

3) Lunch bag, from Eco-HandBags in Quebec

4) Ice-packs for lunch bags, from Cryopak in Quebec

5) Family organizer/calendar, from More Time Moms in Quebec

6) Multi-vitamins for kids, from BodyBreak in B.C.

7) Plastic lunch containers, from Era Group in Quebec

8) Rain boots, from Rallye Footwear in Quebec

9) Eco-friendly journals and workbooks, from Ecojot in Ontario

And for Moms who got the kids back-to-school in time!

1) Yoga wear, from Terrafrog in Alberta

2) A Day at the Spa, from LUSH in B.C.

Happy Back-to-School everyone!

P.S. Yes, the dress I’m wearing is made in Canada. It’s from Tristan‘s Summer 2009 collection.

Image courtesy of CTV News.

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